best video plugins

Best Premium and Free WordPress Video Plugins 2017

Some of the best Video plugins for WordPress!

best video plugins

Well if you are trying to make a superb wordpress site for your any use – be it professional, personal or community related.

You got to have some of the best features on it to even stand a chance to be in the game in this tough and lucrative online marketplace.

Features like picture uploading and sharing, chat and messaging, board forums and quite perhaps the most important – videos!

Yes video embedding and support is something that is as common with every WP site nowadays as water for plants.

With a real nice WP video plugin that supports for YouTube source only or any source for that matter is going to make your site a ba-zillion times more attractive than without it!

Just imagine how much possibilities there can be if your WP site contains some video sliders, a video playlist or how about a video background?!!

So without further ado, let’s explore some of the most nifty video plugins for your WordPress site –

  1. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

This one is a premium video gallery. I think we should probably call it a media gallery that fits better. And it’s by Digital Zoom Studio.

In it, you can not only add videos but images and audio files as well!

The exceptional plugin also allows in for your own personal ads before a video starts in your WP site just as in YouTube!

So a great personal marketing assistant right there!

This widget, Video Gallery WordPress Plugin, also allows you to remove the YouTube trademark and add your own! It also clearly puts up the video embed code with easily clickable link for your users to share without any delay.

And if you want to change the way it looks, the appearance and the skins, then great news folks because its super customizable!

With so many skins and menu choices, but you gotta have some time on hand to learn its API and CSS, but it won’t be hard, pretty soon you’ll be riding it like a pro!

  1. WP- Backgrounds II

For €35+ the widget, WP Background II is an extremely powerful WP plugin for everything on your site!

Add as many videos as you want in your slideshows, decide to activate the backgrounds wherever you want to in certain pages/posts.

Also assign different backgrounds to any place that you want!

WP Backgrounds II is purely a full pack solution as it allows full screen background images, videos or YouTube video slideshows!

The smooth and fluid layouts of this widget make it super perfect to run on any device like desktops, Smartphones and Tablets.

It is highly integrative and solves most of your compatibility problems by itself!

  1. Contus video Gallery

This widget was built by keeping one point only in mind, how to make your wordpress site look professional and act so as well!

This plugin is perfectly capable to turn all of your video in the gallery in a FLV player right there, on your site!

It is super good with playing FLV and H.264 encoded videos.

It also goes smoothly with M4V, MP3, M4A, MP4, Mp4v, MOV and F4V.

The plugin is also very capable to add video based on embed codes from YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Against TubePress plugin it seems to be giving a bit more advantages like responsive design, social media commentary and RTL, a few!

This is available for free and in premium as well!

  1. Tube Press

This is arguably the most favorite WP video plugin with over 500,000 downloads so far!

This one allows you to have embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo right inside your blog and no just that it also makes a very beautiful video galley page or a sidebar widget.

You have the full freedom to select and display your YouTube Channel, any random videos or your playlists sorted by tags!

The process of configuration and setting up the plugin is very simple and straight forward.

Just use the short code of tube press in your page or posts and your video gallery along with tubepress will be displayed perfectly!

This plugin is available for both premium services and free of cost.

The premium version, the TubePress Pro has quite obviously more features than the free one!

The tubepress does not support a responsive design though.

Also you need to mess around with the CSS code the files of your theme to get this feature on.

Check tubepress site for more information!

And now the free ones, YAY!

  1. YouTube Simple Gallery

Perhaps the easiest and simple of them all, YouTube Simple gallery uses custom posts to add and categorize all your videos!

This widget comes with a shortcode for you to use to directly insert it from the post editor screen!

This widget opens all videos in a high light box pop up with full control over the videos and the setting of the thumbnail sizes!

  1. YouTube Showcase

This is also a very simple one to use in your WP venture.

This also uses custom post types of videos.

You are always free to add categories, tags and videos in the feature section.

Upon activation this plugin automatically sets up your video gallery.

This plugin comes along with two super easy to use widget that allow recent videos and featured videos functions.

The default gallery look is very beautiful and unique and also, users do not have to leave the page to go through all the videos!

This has some 40% to 65% faster speed of loading pages with on demand video embedding!

It provides admin with a wider area for video filtering.

  1. YourChannel

Are you a never resting curator of videos or are just plain cranky about your YouTube profile/page looks and layout?

YourChannel will give you so many stuffs in the easiest of methods to make you display your videos much faster and cooler looking!

Just enter in the channel or user id and BAM!

It will automatically get that video for you!

It will also bring along the channel’s banner image, uploads, subscribe us, view counts and playlists too!

Just you use its simple shortcode to use it on your channel and it will be done.

The plugin also gives you freedom and control in selecting the appropriate thumbnail size, play button, metadata display and settings.

It also has 7 video thumb styles, can play videos from any specific playlist and either in inline or lightbox pop up.

  1. WordPress Video Gallery

Rated as one of the most powerful and really – really customizable video plugin for any wordpress site!

This one comes with a built in FLV player that can show you any video in a customized skin and with super HD quality!

The default setup of WordPress Video Gallery works with most of the websites but if you decide to meddle up with the codes then you can make it even smoother!

This plugin comes with sample videos and creates a sample gallery page for you to test your lay out on!

It supports Lighttpd, Live Telecast, Amazon S3 and RTMP streaming!

It has the flexibility to add the embed video codes of YouTube, vimeo, viddlesr, daily motion videos from other sites!

Supports for enable and disable options like Share, Volume, download, High Definition, Zoom, Full Screen, Timer and Playlist!

  1. WPG Cool Gallery

This is one of the most recognized video plugin for WP sites for being responsive and easy for any Vimeo or YouTube videos!

The grid layout of WPG Cool Gallery is very beautiful and intriguing to display the videos.

The videos are generally shown in a friendly and high pop up!

You can use shortcodes here to add some gallery in the WP pages and posts.

It also uses ajax calls to load videos to allow all videos to be seen in one page!

It has some really cool custom image and video gallery. Sort codes used for gallery.

  1. Utube Video Gallery

This is one very good plugin that adds many pictures to add them all up on the WordPress pages and post.

This plugin automatically gets all the latest thumbnails for the videos and it also enables up some fast speed for faster downloads!

Allows for using many instances of the widget on the same page!

It uses YouTube iFrame player API that allows YouTube to serve as the HTML 5 Player for any mobile devices and system that do not have any support for Flash!

These here are some of the best video plugins for you to use for your WP site, I hope it helped you in some way, thanks!