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10 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins 2018

searching for some best testimonial plugins ? Here we listed down some best free and premium testimonial plugins for you. Even some of the listed plugins can collect testimonials from social sites, from blog comment section, or from exclusive testimonial section. 

Let me tell you something before moving on to our list guys, for those who do not know a testimonial on a website is same like that kid in the protagonist kid’s new school who tells him all about the ins and outs of the school (like literally too!)

Whom to avoid, whom to ask, when to ask, where not to go, where to be at precisely when and all those handy information that make your life much easier had it not been for that one kid who took a pity on you and warned (informed) you.

Of course you can just dump his info and start to walk around like you don’t care.

That is called testimonial in digital world, listening to satisfied users or consumers in an online pastry shop that makes its pastries from “unknown mysterious materials” and then deciding a final decision whether you want to buy that pastry or just let it go!

So as you can see this can help your business boost by a considerable margin if used and used well and…

…to help you do that we are trying our best to provide you some of the best available plugins to create some good testimonials for your WP site’s services and products.

best testimonial plugins

Here we go guys…

Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins 2018

Thrive Ovation

From Thrive Themes, this premium plugin, meaning you will have to pay for its services per site.

For one site the price is 39USD, for 5 sites its 47USD and for 15 sites the price you will have to pay will be 97 billion dollars!!

No I am kidding its just 97USD 🙂

So why is it so special you might be thinking very honestly?

It is because this plugin was created to be the all in one plugin for creating some super bada$$ testimonials for your WP site.

And it does that too with its super easy interface design, many advanced function options and lots and lots of customizing options.

One of its most intriguing features is turning your comments received into a testimonial with just one click!

And yes the user image and the user id name gets pulled in all by itself!

Imports are available too, if you have a social media account, which as one does, and there are some really nice testimonials, reviews and comments there, then you can import those with the help of the Facebook and Twitter integration support this plugin has.

A testimonial collecting form that can be sent to the users automatically is also available!

All your testimonials from many sources can be checked at once and sorted for use very easily with this plugin.

The generated testimonials can very dynamically updated with the latest most testimonials very easily!

A whole library of templates is available for grids and sliders which are as you can guess very easily customizable with lots of options using the Thrive Content Builder!

A short code or the Thrive Content Builder can be used to insert the created testimonials anywhere on the site.

Testimonials Widget

So first up is the Testimonials Widget which both for Free and also available as a premium one too.

Free version offers up basic functions for displaying testimonials, the most primary feature of this amazing plugin is the rotation of testimonials at either random or at a specific guidelines set by the admin.

It uses the widget, theme or shortcode functions to do that and it also can be filtered by tags or categorizations.

Its transition effects have a slide and afde effect and a carousel effect animation that also support texts, videos and images.

If you are using shortcodes, then you can opt for it to display all the testimonials at once too, recent or oldest, at random or by tags and categories.

The paid version offers immediate support, excerpts, caching, RSS feeds, user-submitted testimonial templates and “More” links additionally!

Testimonials Showcase

Another masterpiece from the all mighty WordPress dominating plugin and whatnot developing team, CodeCanyons…this premium plugin is available for your use at 16USD.

With this widget you are able to use your plugins with two styles either in a grid style or a sliding one. The grid style testimonials are shown inside boxes with whatever amount of rows and columns you may want to use in it.

The slider style is arguable better though which you can use on your WP homepage by merely inserting a shortcode.

More of its features include 15 layouts that are totally customizable, star ratings display, enriching snippets for some Google search and an easy form filler for your users to enter their testimonials!

A very handy short code generator makes it pretty simple to style up and then preview your testimonials before you publish them ultimately!


TBUBBLES is another great plugin that is available in premium version by CodeCanyons!

This is basically a slightly advanced version of Testimonial Showcase by the same developer but don’t confuse it with that there are a few but considerable changes in it.

This is available to you at 18USD price and it offers you to display all the modern and clean designs for testimonials in four ways!

Grid, Slider, Thumbnails and last but not the least – list!

To help you better with your purchase decision they have a separate screenshot of each and every style of testimonial displays on their page and along with that they have also got a “Live Preview” button, so when in doubt click that button, what more can you wish for market integrity apart from a live preview folks?!!

Anyways, so they have a video composer pre installed in their plugin to create code less creations for your testimonial submission forms and of course the testimonials itself.

Shortcode generator is available too with a live preview as we said, very similar to that of testimonial Showcase (its designed by another developers new in the CodeCanyon team).

The designs are fully responsive and super cool on all screen sizes.

Clean testimonials

So as we are onto the free list, this is a free plugin for creating testimonials yes, and it makes adding testimonials from you or your users a very easy peasy job.

Those added testimonials can then even more customized by categories and then displayed by using a shortcode or a private built in widget or a PHP code.

Furthermore, it even allows you to add thumbnails to each user’s each testimonial.

You can even hide or show their contact details too on your site if you want and other such more minor but intriguing options.

KudoBuzz Testimonial Widget

Just like SPYR from up above this one does the same but it has more reach than SPYR one.

You can add any promotional comment or review, any positive comment from any of your social media account like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Blogs and even emails too.

And very easily display them all in your WordPress site by the help of a customizable widget.

Testimonial Basics

This free plugin has an inbuilt captcha for you to use, and apart from that it also has a 5 star rating system support, text color customization, easy background, it also supports for Gravatar too.

Apart from those there are some other supportive perks like schema markup and 9 Web friendly fonts.

It also has translation available for German, Dutch, Spanish and French languages.

Plus widgets, a user friendly interface system, shortcodes and more!

HMS Testimonials

For those who are sick and tired of spammers who use your testimonial submission forms as a mean to spam you with their annoying and unwanted messages then you got to check out the HMS testimonials.

This is a very free plugin to create testimonials on WordPress and its infused with Akismet integration.

Along with the spam protection this free plugin offers a drag and drop support design, custom fields, images in testimonials supportive, three shortcodes, two widgets and much, much more.

GC Testimonials

And now finally we have GC Testimonials.

If you ever to receive a new testimonial through the admission forms available through this plugin then without a waste of second GC testimonials will instantly notify you about it through an email.

This also helps you to review the message body of the testimonial before posting it on your WordPress site, pretty neat perk.

And apart from this, this plugin uses iQuery which in turn allows you to display your plugins either statically or dynamically.

Hope we helped you in some way today as well, thank you.