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Best WordPress Team Management Plugins 2017

Best WordPress Team Management Plugins

team management plugins

Hello there, fine readers.

For those who are trying to make a business or just trying to hone their technical networking skills through a WordPress site, we have as always some of the best guidance for a more stable site for you!

No matter if your site is dedicated to provide millions of fine and upcoming individual writers get their freelance writing jobs or if your site is for that 89 percent of all humanity who just does not want to believe in a world without Pokemons!

You must have some proper team to not only build you a great base to attract such users/enthusiasts but also keep a track record of your team members too!

Their individually provided datas, their bio, portfolio, progress or any remarks for future, that is what is meant by Team Management of a site!

So we are about to provide you with some of the best WP team management plugins that you can use to perfect yours so dedicated site!

Some super great WP team management plugins :-

  1. DV Team Responsive Team Showcase

DV Team by Code Canyon is a pretty responsive premium plugin for team management in a WP site.

With this you are able to create multiple projects at once, unlimited teams, team members, categories and profiles.

It is also very customizable as well as it allows change in almost every aspect of your team management page like fonts, colors, font sizes, spacings and such.

It does all that with a very powerful setting panel.

It is also very useful for other needs like creating product galleries, portfolios, logos and others.

But wait! That is not all that it has to offer you!

It’s also got stuffs like a fully responsive and very clean design, 5 different styles of grids (masonry, rectangle, square, thumbnail and filterable), 5 custom widgets, 6 custom posting formats (standard, link, quote, image, video and gallery – for bulk uploading of images with drag and drop!), a social icons bar, skill bars, carousels which are touch responsive, easy to use short codes generating system, support for WPML plugin, supports cross browsers and much, much more!


  1. Project Panorama Lite

This is a pretty great premium plugin as well. Its available in both forms, free and pro version!

This is developed in the order to show all team and project information in a visual way.

With this, you are able to see and show project status, task status, create tasks, create project types, show task status, and also create phases with phase progression options!

It also has an inbuilt extra plugin called Advanced Custom Fields which allows visually creating custom fields.

The resulting project page is posted to your site as a sub page with the panorama page.

It has every information in it including a great detailed graphical timeline for milestones too!

The premium for Project Panorama has two packages, first is “Individual” and is available for 68USD and it helps to add unlimited project phases, automatic progression, unlimited tasks, password protection, document storage, email notifications and login restrictions!

Whereas the “Professional” is for 88USD and allows unlimited site installs additionally!

You are also getting some nice add-ons to expand your site even more like Checklist, Front End Uploader and Image Gallery, these are of course available with the premium versions!


  1. Team Members

Oh I like such program code packages that have such simple “normal” names, is it wrong to feel so?

Anyway – this is another one with a free version and a premium version of itself and it’s a pretty good one, of course these are all good ones, why would we tell you about them if they weren’t!

So when you install this plugin you automatically get a separate section for team management in your WP dashboard which is very customizable.

Add members, positions, bios, pictures, social links and so much more within a few clicks! And all this is just in the free version!

The pro version has some nifty features such as showing the latest image while hovering the mouse upon a team member’s image and so much more!

  1. Team Showcase

This great premium WP team management plugin costs you somewhere about 17USD, with some excellent features in it waiting for you.

Features like you get to able to show team details in a grid, or maybe in a circular grid which shows the inside details when the users hover their mouse upon the grid.

Or you can use the tabular form team information format or a thumbnail one, it’s just a pretty good plugin for a variety of information demonstration.

One of the many features is a visual composer that you can use to show every detail of your team members!

  1. Team

And lastly but not leastly, Team!

Such a simple name, wow!

This has two versions as well, one is free and another is the premium one which starts with a 14USD package and goes all the way up to 199USD, the pricing depends on the numbers of the licenses you will buy

 This one is a fully responsive format for team details and information and you can add unlimited team members or teams as you wish.

There are two different themes for you to select for yourself.

The premium version has somewhere to 11 different themes for your instant use which is a pretty neat option!


  1. TLP Team

This is a super one!

It’s both, a free plugin and even after being free its high numbered in features!

You don’t get to see that these days!

It does come in free and premium versions, let’s know more!

You can use to display the details of your team members in isotope and grids formats, the free version has FOUR layouts, other features include like widget, custom ordering, sorting and more

The PRO version has 11 layouts, visual composer, drag and drop functionality, and highly rich customization options.

 This plugin is also really, really responsive. Meaning it is super smooth no matter on what device you view it!.

And now the free one, woo-hoo!

  1. Our Team by WooThemes

Developed by WooThemes, a company that is pretty well known for devising plugins and themes for excellent functional usage on WP format.

You might very well be using their WooCommerce plugin right now!

They are so good at their job that they are now acquired by Automatic, the biggest team of WordPress community who founded WordPress!

This is of course a great team management plugin which shows all the details of your team members including their pictures, bio, and more by generating a shortcode.

This is also totally open source which means that you are able to download the codes of the plugin and modify them if need be.

  1. Staff Directory

This is another one of the great tools available for free to manage your team and team information.

This also lets you categorize your teams into managing them more easily!

 And when you are done entering all the data then all you have to do finally is use a simple shortcode that it provides to display all the staff data, pics and bio etc.

You have two different templates to choose from so it’s a refresher!

  1. WP Team Showcase and Slider

If you guys are looking for something nifty, something cool for a team detail presentation format then WP Team Showcase and Slider is your thing in the free market!

It lets you use a slider instead of a grid to display details of your team members, details like pics, detailing background, bio, social media detailing, contacts etc.

You can use the grid too, it’s not off the table it’s just an option here!

Also, a very important thing to know about this plugin is that it is very responsive, fully responsive, which means that it will show either the grid format or the slider format of your team details entirely, in any resolution on your WP page!

Cool right?

  1. Team Builder

This is more or less a multi-use plugin for WordPress, but was mainly designed to show the team members detail and data.

It uses very handy short codes and a very capable admin panel for a great control and customizing option feature to showcase your team in beautifully crafted displays.

 Some other features include filtering options for your teams or team members in accordance to their department and/or tags, multiple layout options and a great deal of effects options that enhance the design of your WP site!

  1. Our Team Showcase

It is another great one!

It allows you to add unlimited team members and you can also assign any color that you want for each one of them!

The design format for the team details is very cool, interactive and excellent when it comes to the eye view value.

It also has a drag and drop function to re-order your team members anytime.

And also you get a side bar widget to show in your WP site!

And all this is for FREE!

  1. WordPress Team Manager

Only a few things to say about this one!

If you have a simple site with simple requirements then this plugin is especially for you!

It does everything a free plugin for WP team management should do like setting different sizes for images, limiting the members’ numbers on the display, customary CSS, a shortcode generator and much more.

Overall it’s a plugin for those who do not want too much to handle and just be done with their team management data display ASAP.

  1. Easy team manager

One of the easiest plugins to use with a great responsive design too, easy team manager

It has a really nice front end interface wherein there are 16 different icons to select from.

You will also be able to create more than one team.

A nifty one for free if you have more than one team in your business!

So these are some of the best team management plugins for you to use in your ambitious WP project, happy to help, thanks!