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Best Premium and Free WordPress Quiz Plugins 2017

When there is increased in the traffic on your website then to keep users sticky on it Quiz is the best method to engage people on your website so that it will be counted in the Analytics data. It will help people to grab the knowledge and you may get the valuable feedback from users. Here are the best free as well premium plugins that will help you to setup the quizzes.

List Of Best Free and Premium WordPress Quiz Plugins

Quiz and Survey Master (Freemium)

It allows you to create any kind of the quiz as there are several question types like multiple choice questions, single choice questions, true or false, open answer, or fill in the blanks etc. You can also add the images and videos to the each question and you can categorize the questions. Also, there is flexible scoring, it will show the user their scores in particular category. It also provides the social media share, time limits and tracking, user tries and schedule. You can provide many features which can make your plugin expensive but flexible and convenient to the users.

It is free of cost as well it is available in premium and its cost is nearly $15.

FSQM Pro (Premium)

It allows users to create the forms on various topics including the surveys and quizzes. It has a drag and drop builder which will help you to create the form for the quiz as there are 35 form elements. To convert the form into the quizzes it has to be done by assigning the scores. Users are allowed to track or view their submission through their pages. There are video tutorials to get familiar with this plugin.

It is a premium plugin and its cost is nearly $ 29. It is very helpful and mostly easy to use for the professionals.

Watu (Freemium)

It is easy to use and its setup is fully responsive so that it can be used on any device. Questions can be a single choice, multiple choice or they can be open ended. You can assign the points after the successful completion of the quiz and also you can assign the grades to the quiz so that it will be helpful to the users to know their knowledge in the particular topic. It enables to create the certificate, categories for the quizzes and much more but for that, you have to pay. You will get the Email notifications also.

As it is available free of cost and it is available in premium too and its cost is $ 47.

Viral Quiz Builder (Premium)

It is also easy to use as well it is very quick so there are limited options. As it has only single choice questions but you can add multimedia like images and videos to your questions can be helpful to the users. You can create unlimited quizzes and unlimited questions in each quiz it is a plus point of this plugin. You can create the image badge for the results. The name viral itself tells that there is a social sharing option. There is a statistics on each question’s answer so that you will get the preference and feedback easily. There are no limitations of adding the images, videos and all the multimedia stuff. You can add as many you wish to add so that users can easily understand the questions. It is a premium plugin and its cost is $ 39.

OpinionStage (Free)

OpinionStage is a hosted plugin. It has limited and very basic features for free. It is easy to use and you can create your quizzes in few minutes. They can be managed by the simple dashboard and it can be customized means you can change the color or font size as per your website requirement. They have included the social sharing options so that you can share your quizzes worldwide. For the premium, there are a lot of features and you will get Email options too.

Sliding Quiz (Premium)

It allows you to create the quiz with the description, counter and progress bar. The design of the plugin is simple but it is very effective and it will engage the users. You can create multiple quizzes on the same pages. This plugin also allows you to add the multimedia and iframe which will make your quiz look attractive. It is easy to use and SEO friendly and also has a different number of configurations. You can share the results via twitter or facebook. You can save the user options. It is a premium plugin.

Easy Quiz (Free)

Like name, it is very easy to use. Beginners can use it perfectly without any tutorials. You can cut and paste the questions on the sites. It is available in your own language by using machine translation. There is no need ofserver to display the results it can display the results on your machine. It is free of cost.

Quiz cat (Free)

It allows you to create the BuzzFeed quizzes. It has different features and configurations than other plugins. It allows the user to tweak the headlines, sub-headlines, and images and it has Start Quiz button. It is free of cost.

Slick Quiz (Free)

If you want to create a simple quiz. It allows you to create the quality quizzes with customizations as per your need. It provides you the single correct or multiple correct options. You have the option to customize the button text, score, and ranking text. You can write the unlimited questions and answers. Also, you can share the results on social media. It is a free plugin.


These were simple and helpful quiz plugins. All these plugins are widely used in the quiz section. I hope that this article will be helpful for your website and it will save your time.

Actually, it takes a lot of time to write the quiz instead by using you can write the questions and answers also give the results in no time.