best poll plugins

Best Premium and Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2017

List of Best Premium and Free WordPress Poll Plugins

best poll plugins

HI one question for you – ready?

Who is your favorite WWE in ring performer of all time?

  1. Shawn Michaels
  2. The Undertaker
  3. John Cena
  4. Trish Stratus

Look I instantly got you hooked up to this pretty normal but suddenly very interesting question!

And now you can easily understand when I say this, that polls in your WordPress site can be just as much useful as what cookies are for milk!

Polls are a proven way to engage your audience, and your users to feedback to your enquiries in a simple, fun but really innovative way.

It helps to not only keep the monotony of the site away for long hours, it also provides you with necessary information about what people might be looking for!

Polls are also very useful to decide how anyone is going to see and feel about your WP site and may then recommend it to others based solely on their interaction levels with the crowd and admin/s.

So dudes and dames, without further ado, let’s get ready to showcase the best of WP poll plugins for you –

First List of Premium ones

WordPress Easy Polling Plugin 

This one is really a great one for those who want to keep their game of polls really simple and straightforward.

With the results being shown in either boxes or bars, you are sure to find no other plugin more accurate and simpler than WordPress Easy Polling Plugin!

This premium plugin also allows you to hold a rating system for any of your PR pages and thus can create an ever smarter and clearer connection with you and your adoring users!

Pollify – Simple WP polling Widget 

Here is what this super cool and professional premium polling plugin is all about –

It gives you 3 levels of security, RTL supported 5 different languages, Integrated with Google Analytics, easy to use and super simple with your setup installation.


All right moving on…

Advanced polls for WordPress

It’s a really cool widget for WP polls that allows the poll results to be seen in many curious graphical designs in nicely designed window pop ups!

There is no limitation on how many polls you can conduct with this one.

With just one installation, anyone can have unlimited polls!

Dilemma WordPress Plugin 

Have you ever wondered what is that one subtle difference that makes one thing out of two equally delightful things, the better one!

Here let me describe a bit better –

There we go!

If you want such dynamic poll about two very dynamic options then dilemma WP polling plugin is going to be your thing man!

Mood thingy Mood Rating Poll Plugin

It’s basically a direct questioning poll, after every post or entry in your site you can create a poll asking your users to tell you what if they were content with your post.

Its super integrating and rally brings more to the table than just random questionnaire!

WPolling System 

This WP polling plugin allows many different styles for you to conduct your polls with.

And now to the FREE department!

WP – Polls 

This mighty polling beast uses AJAX polling system to your WP blogs and pages. This polling plugin is pretty customizable through CSS styles and templates, and trust us…

It really makes you have your heart’s content filled with your kind of polling systems.

Allow multiple answer selection system and get a distinctive record of your each poll to shape up your next community move.

WP – Polls also allows you to have scheduled polling, keep logs of who answered what, its totally open sourced, multiple answer selection with AJAX powered polling system.

It’s everything in one for a perfect polling plugin!

Social Polls by Wedgies 

Wedgies are a polling system that only depicts a ratio of “yes” and “no” in percentage to any question posted in the poll.

It’s a nice and short one for those who enjoy less talking.

Total Poll WordPress Login 

Total Poll allows you to fully and freely create any polls however you want and keep them according to your wishes too.

Either post these polls in your posts and pages or keep them as widgets.

Hot or Not – Free poll Plugin 

A simple but attractively made, yes or no question poll system plugin. That also allows a rating system!

YOP Polls

Perhaps the easiest ones out there in all of WP poll plugins. Create and direct your polls according to the answers you are looking for.

With single or multiple answer selection and percentage rating features.

So folks that is it for now, these were some of the best WordPress poll plugins for you to have a look at.

Hope it helped you guys.

Till we meet again.