recipe plugin for wordpress

9 Best Premium and Free WordPress Recipe Plugins

You want to add the recipes to your website then you need to add the WordPress recipe plugins which will make your work easy and convenient. Visitors are not interested in who you are, they are interested in How you made the recipe? So content and the photographs should be perfectly arranged and it should be easy to understand. You should use the rating and print or copy feature on the website so that you will have better showings in the Google search. For that, you website should be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you should properly arrange the keywords so that Google search will show your website early.

recipe plugin for wordpress

So let’s get started and here are few WordPress recipe plugins which will help you to take your website to a high level.

Best WordPress Recipe Plugins 2017


This is one of the best plugins for the recipe. It comes with lots of features and has facilities. Only this plugin can make your website amazing so it is a recommended plugin for the food bloggers. It has a drag and drop builder by using these we can easily create pages. Also, visitors can send you the articles. They can register and it has a custom login as well. But it’s on you to whom you want to approve and disapprove. It is fully responsive so it can work very well on any device and it will give the best result.

As it is a premium plugin so its cost is $49.

Easy Recipe

It will automatically convert the plain text into recipe looking post. Features of this plugins are: cut and paste, live custom formatting, Google recipe view, preview button, automatic rating. It will give you the microdata without huge coding. Its format is so easy and convenient and allows a user to view in a proper way. It is a free plugin and it is very useful for the bloggers.

 Zip Recipes

It is a replacement for the ZipList Recipes plugin. It lacks in the features compared to other plugins. It has a font styling in bold and italic and you can add the pictures. It increases the visibility of your recipes in the search engines and making your content more searchable. It has an ability to insert the post name into recipe and picture which will save your time. It is a free plugin also it is can be used by the beginners as well professionals.

Recipe Box

It will help you to create the recipes in your posts, pages, and custom type pages. It will automatically generate the snippets related to your recipes. The layout of the recipe is responsive and retina ready. Users can review your recipe with review system which is implemented with Ajax.

It is a premium plugin and its cost is $20.

Simmer Plugin

It will add beautiful recipe publishing in just a few clicks. It allows you to add ingredients, sub-heading, structured cook times, step by step instructions which can easy to write and users will get all the information in detail related to the particular recipe. It is a fully responsive plugin and it will give the good view on any device. Its widgets will display the recent recipe and it has a sidebar in which there will be categories. Also, you can add the recipe author.

It is free of cost and if you want all the features then it is available in premium.

 Yummly Rich Recipe ( Our Favorite WordPress Recipe Plugin)

It is a useful tool for the website owners. There is a yum button and it will allow the reader to add the recipe to yummy recipe box directly from your website. You can improve the printing options. It allows you to modify the image display. Also, you can copy and paste the content.

It is free of cost and easy to use as it has the guide.

 Recipe Hero

Recipe Hero is an open source plugin. It allows you to easily add the recipe to your website. You need to create a new article using the recipe custom post type and then your recipe will be published. It ensures that your website is fully optimized for the search engines. It is a fully responsive and will give the proper view of each device. It allows the readers to give the feedback and they can rate your recipe. We can include the labels equipment needed, prep time, cook time, type of cuisine.

It is a free plugin and lot easier to use.

Chicory Recipe Ingredients

It allows the blogger to monotize the websites. It can easily connected to the online grocereis like Peapod, Amazon. It displays the button right under your recipe ingredients on each recipe and it will get connected to the online gocers.

It is an free plugin.

Meal Planner Pro

It allows user to take action on your recipe. You can create the shopping list, add meal to planning calendar, view nutrition info. You can add the links to the related recipes from the ingredients, instructions and summary fields. Also, you can add notes like kitchen tools, equipment and other instructions or cautions. You can modify the image display. Their is font styling like Bold and asterisk. It is an fully responsive means on any device it compatible.

It is free of cost.

The website related to the recipe is so much profitable and no doubt it will have lot of traffic. By using this plugins you can make you website like professionals. Hope so these plugins are helpful to you.