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Best WordPress dating Themes For Online Dating Sites 2017

Looking for some awesome online dating themes for your WP site? Well these might help…

Hey hello there, so wow you are about to build your very own dating site.

Of course, why not, we are all just fed up from all those mainstream places where its more about comment riots and merchandising than love actually!

So with a great initiative and a very attractive web idea for a dating site and services you are all set to create your own online dating place via WP services.

But before you go on, let us help you into creating the most accurate online dating website in accordance to your vision without plucking your hair….since such tasks need a lot of coding and tests and a big amount of frustrating time!

So save you from such time and energy wasting exercises and get you straight to your plan we are here providing some of the best available themes from the popular demands…

…that will help you like you never imagined to have any –

  1. Sweet Date

wordpress dating themes

So let’s begin this entry with the most important aspect of any of these themes, its pricing and its makers – available for 39 USD and developed by themeforest, Sweet Date has everything one needs to build a strong and powerful online dating WP site.

The site is integrated along with BuddyPress which allows your users to create a community with relatable likes or dislikes so they keep coming for more.

The developers have also added in a Paid membership Pro Plugin which makes subscription based membership deals to your users very easy and real.

And if you are also looking for some great monetizing services then Sweet Date has got you covered.

It has PayPal integration which makes all the more of an easy task with your financial transactions.

To make it simple and quick for anyone to login and register the theme has an integration with Facebook login and registration which makes those two tasks smooth and friction free.

The app is retina Ready and thus is very attractive looking, it’s also very responsive making it a great choice for any device.

Doubtless, it’s a feature packed tool that really takes care of all your basic and advanced online dating functionalities.

It will let you have a powerful WP online dating site that will be able to rival all the big names out there in terms of efficiency and strength.

  1. KLEO

wordpress dating themes

So first of all, this is a theme by themeforest –ok? Well no surprises there and it is of 39 USD as well, oh okay, wow these guys are a lifesaver!

KLEO which by the way is a great sounding name for an online dating theme for some unfigure-able reason…KLEO is a premium theme for social networking as well as online dating.

You can see now where this is going….

It allows some of the great looking gorgeous layouts and nifty turnkey solutions for your any WP dating site admin needs.

The so many options available in this tool hold the power to attract any visitor coming to your site.

 Some full screen slideshows and banners, portfolio styled tiled grid layouts, fit to fill full page landing pages and the classic business front page options.

The theme is fully integrated with the BuddyPress plugin so there, setting up dating functional features like groups, communities, rooms and profiles are a breeze folks!

The theme is bundled along with the Paid Membership Pro Plugin which makes easily setting up a membership packages with limited access services and features a possibility.

The social media functionality of this theme, its nifty adoptability to any niche and the flexible options for the layout setting makes KLEO one of the few best WordPress dating themes.

That is why it’s here!

  1. Razor

So let’s begin with pricing eh? It’s available for 64 USD by the themeforest lords and it is a very powerful and compatible online dating theme for WP, as you can see *wink*.

This tool is fairly compatible with both BuddyPress and BBPress, and thus building communities and groups and rooms and profiles and all are never going to be a problem for your users but a delicacy.

The theme is very comprehensible on any device due to its high responsiveness and it’s oh so many features make anyone rookie or professional in website making waste least amount of time in coding and testing.

The extremely nifty layout manager in this tool uses a drag and drop editing feature to place content blocks anywhere on your WP site…

… And a different and custom layout for every different page of your WP site is very possible and easy with this tool.

The theme is totally localized that goes to mean that you are perfectly capable to translate your site into any native language you wish for.

While downloading this theme you will also get several layers of PSD files that let you have the ability to modify the design of the theme.

It also gives you an unlimited amount of color options and page templates, which are great functionalities for branding your WP site.

This tool has a contract form builder within, which allows you to completely customize any part of your forms.

The unbranded white label panel for admin that this theme has, is good for so many reason including building a dating WP site for a client!

The sidebar generator in this tool makes you completely free to add as many contents on your page as you want, and don’t forget to benefit yourself from the custom headers, footers and the many layouts to create attractiveness of your site.

  1. Mingle

This is another great and super handy theme available from themeforest folks at USD 86.

This tool from themeforest is first of all not just limited to only online dating features but it is a full blown social interacting cum online dating services providing theme that is bundled with some heavy duty features!

Mingle is fully ready to be used alongside with BuddyPress which if you didn’t know is perhaps the best way to create a community creating featured website on your WP venture.

With this you can have your users interact one another via forums, groups, private messaging, status updates, messaging, chatting and a whole lot more!

This is quite clearly its biggest perk since these are the main functions of any modern site today!

This theme is very Retina Ready, meaning its super attractive and filled with charming layouts and looks plus its highly responsive.

So, now no matter which devices are used to see your site on, they will have no lags or friction due to its high integration with small screen devices as well!

The administration features that this theme uses are as such – giving you full control on the layout and design functions of your website, as it should, a drag and drop manger for the layout designing and content management, unbranded white label admin availability, independent contract form builder, unlimited sidebar generators, HTML5 and CSS3 coding for the most advanced styling and so much more.

The high customization plus pre designed codes for every necessary feature of an online dating site make this theme a must one to have.

  1. Salutation

So recently bundled with a FREE plugin – Slider revolution Plugin this awesome online dating theme for WP by themeforest dynasty is available for 86 USD.

Salutation is a sister theme to Mingle by themeforest as well.

This is in no way any different from Mingle but with a few tweaks here and there, so this basically serves out as an extra option for those who came in late.

The other features of the administrative functions are as same as usual – highly responsive and retina ready theme design, unlimited sidebar generators, an easy layout manager with drag and drop functionality, add custom fields on your site’s forms with custom form builder like CAPTCHA etc, careful coding with HTML5 and CSS3 for some high standard search engine customization and design styling and many more.

Due to its handy monetization services, community building affiliation with BuddyPress plugin, highly responsive retina ready integration with any screen devices and…

Smooth installation and usage for anyone, rookie or master, these all make this online dating theme for WP from themeforest another fan favorite.

  1. Theme 49667 – WordPress Dating Themes

With a very unusual name this theme is brought to you by a new coming theme developing team called – templatemonster.

This theme is available for you at only 75USD and is making rounds in the WP theme for online dating market.

It is a sister theme as well but built for its another online dating theme called – theme 49499.

Theme 49499 is pretty good too, do check it out but we are mentioning this one – theme 49667 since it is a slightly tweaked to look more feminine and more romantic, apart from that one single difference there is nothing dissimilar between theme 49499 and theme 49667.

The themes is integrated with social media along with this comes a very clean and quite attractive navigational menu – easier to navigate through your site.

The background area of this theme can be very easily changed and its header functions allows for some custom call to action buttons.

The primary intention of this theme is making money and having strong relationships – wow talk about straightforward intentions!

And that would be the reason why this theme provides full information and also throws in pictures when you browse through its dating profiles – neat!

The design is very responsive and is no problem for viewing your site on any screen device, it comes with custom modules for posting audio, video and even quotes!

This is a theme with local compatibility option available as well, meaning you will be able to translate and then use your WP dating site in accordance to your preferred language!

The theme comes with a ton of shortcodes. And ultimately does not allow you to waste time on your WP site’s imperfections anymore!

It has customizable typography that leads for some very personal style fo your WP dating site, multiple color options and two step installation process are what make this theme a pretty good contender for the best dating themes out there.

  1. LoveStory

And let’s end our countdown for the best available dating themes for WP with another master piece from themeforest, this time its LoveStory.

And it is available for 59USD for anyone.

This is a very rich theme when it comes to features and functions of looking and feeling like a world shaking online dating site!

This can rival to any big one out there if you use it in your WP since it contains all the tools for a very powerful and attractive dating website.

This nifty tool allows your users to create and maintain extended version of their dating profiles easily plus it also has a live chat services to communicate with any of the other members of the site…in real time!

For any monetization related query of yours, this theme lets you charge your users for access and its integration with WooCommerce plugin makes any financial distribution very smooth and easy.

Whether you want to use its monetizing services or not, this theme is bundled with every nifty membership plan package to offer your users for letting them access different layers of services and features.

This is super great and everything but the change in its default appearance setup might not be comfy with just about everyone!

But thankfully even if this becomes a case for you, the theme options in this tool make it rather easy to change the appearance of the site in accordance to your targeted niche.

Since its very customizable this could also become a very handy option for a community WP site, just a WP community site as well.

However its hard to beat in any of its usage, plain community site or online dating community site – your call.

This theme also comes in with some filter search options for the right kind of dating profiles, real time live chat and private messaging features, fully customized membership packages and whatnot – you have got yourself a one in all online dating theme for WP.

So there we go with our best of the best selection of the popular online dating themes for WP sites…hope we helped this time as well.