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Few Best Premium and Free Backup plugins for WordPress 2017

best wordpress backup plugins –

best backup plugins

Here is how your new WordPress venture can hurt you in the most frustrating way!

Backing up is an ages old technique of the technical industry, if you are creating software with codes, commands and hours of decoration of some site’s presentation and the invaluable chat history, then you need some backup softwares!

Why? Well at any given moment this world can destroy itself!

Or the universe may implode towards a super freeze situation and if somehow you are the only survivor with your computer intact as well…then are you really going to spend hours of your efforts to recreate your wordpress site to post your after apocalypse experience?

No, I certainly do not think so!

That is why a backup software is sooooo needed, it keeps a clone data of your commands, software codes and of course the invaluable chat history!

So without much ado let us go forth in the wonderful world of those few of WordPress Backup plugins that are a true lifesavers, because some heroes don’t wear cape or even have a material state!

First the premium ones!

  1. BackupBuddy

One of the most popular WP backup plugin, BackupBuddy is a first choice for anyone trying to make a great and effort full of a site.

You really don’t want to tear your own scalp out when suddenly power goes out and you find your progress unsaved.

BackupBuddy very easily let you schedule your whole day’s, week’s or even month’s backups!

It without an effort saves your progress automatically in Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, Amazon S3, Stash (yeah they have a cloud service as well!), FTP or just plain email that backup to yourself!

Also while using their Stash backup services you will be able to have some real-time backups backing you up!

And finally the biggest good news about BackupBuddy is that that it is NOT a subscription based services.

So once you pay is all it is needed, no monthly fees!

A great lot of sites are compatible with BackupBuddy, and the premium support forums are at your disposal as well, regular updates will be available and a GB worth of cloud space to you!

Plus you can use this premium plugin to duplicate, relocate or even restore websites!

  1. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is both a premium and a free plugin available for your WP site projects!

It makes you create a backup of your whole WP website and then store it in some cloud storage.

Or get it downloaded on to your computer set/s straight!

With this you can have either a scheduled or an on demand backup facility.

It lets you select specifically which files to backup and then lets them up to be saved in Dropbox, FTP, Rackspace, SFTP, email, Google Drive and many other cloud services as well!

The premium version allows you to migrate or even clone your WP sites, lets you do a database search and replace and has a multisite support too!

With premium version you also get the priority support!

  1. BackupWordPress

BackupWordPress is another one of a free plugin with a premium version around.

It is your total one stop solution for backing up your WP projects.

It lets you set up different automatic schedules for various files and documents.

But the only most frustrating problem with the free version is that it does not let you save your WP project on a cloud storage!

You will need to buy a separate premium extension to do that!

Extensions are available for each of its services and you can buy them online either separately or the whole thing!

  1. BackWPup Free –WordPress Backup Plugin

With more than over 300,000 installations BackWPup Free is one of the most popular plugin for a WP backup service.

However despite its super popularity it is not that good rated. But that sure does not seem to be coming in its way for great deal of installation numbers!

It lets you use an external backup storage service like Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, S3 or SugarSync.

It also gives you to STP the files to any of your choice servers!

The name says that BackWPup is free, which it is but its another one of those services where they offer a premium one also.

Which has better support system quite obviously.

The premium version lets you do some backing up with Google Drive and Amazon’s Glacier.

It will also allow you to check, optimize and repair your databases!

  1. VaultPress (with Jetpack)

First of all, another cool name and for a good reason too!

It is created by Matt Mullenweg, the other guy who helped into creating the! yes that guy.) him and his team at Automatic have created the VaultPress for just this great need of backing up our hard work!

You need a JetPack subscription plan from Automatic to use VaultPress with a varying level of services allowed in.

There are different pricing plans for different sets of features.

Vaultpress offers an automated real time backup solution through cloud storage with just a 3.50 USD plan for each month.

With some of the higher plans they even offer some cool security scans too!

If you are an owner of multiple sites that demand regular edits and moderation then VaultPress can get a bit pricey!

And after that, another hiccup with VaultPress would be the process – yes the process – it asks you to first subscribe to a JetPack plans, then get a WP account and then install it on the site.

And the final low blow of using VaultPress is that it only allows for a 30 day archive backup on smaller plans!

For unlimited backup duration you will have to cough up 29 USD per month for each of your website if you got more than one!

And now let’s get back to the our lovely free choices!

  1. Duplicator

Well first of all, cool name it has, don’t you agree?

Like a terminator for backup services or something eh, eh!

Anyways, this one is super popular immigration WP plugin, it lets you migrate your files to a better and safer place, like your external HDD or other folders.

Also it does have its own backup features.

But it does not allow you to create some automated backup schedules which ultimately kind of sucks because without automated backup facilities, it’s a giant pain in the neck to check up and manually backup your data on every edit!

Especially for a regular site.

  1. WP-DB-Backup

This is another one of those free plugins with super numbers of installations!

We all like free goodies don’t we?

Quite perhaps the most popular backup plugin for Word Press sites and projects, has just one tiny winy problem, it only allows for a WordPress database backup!

Meaning, you will have to manually backup your files every time you edit or modify.

If however your site does not need a regular maintenance or moderation then cool – just use this one plugin and be free of your data loss nightmares!

It does have some scheduled automated backups and it also allows restoring your database too.

For those who do not have access to phpMyAdmin, it is a very great tool to do that for manually backing up the data!

  1. blogVault

if you are looking for some one-stop backup solutions, with automated scheduling backup processes, at daily intervals for your WP site/s. the blogVault is your thing. It has over 9,000 installations as of now!

And it also has a honorable 4.5 star user rating too!

This plugin offers one stop automated backup solution through Dropbox.

blogVault however demands some amount of efforts on your part before showering you with features.

It asks you to set it up yourself. Although the management behind vaultBlog say that it is very easy to do and will not take more than a few minutes of your time!

It is said on its descriptions that it does not use any local storage for backups. Instead all of the storage is handled off the site that goes to ensure that your WP blogs are not laden with expensive backups.

It also offers for huge websites, some incremental backups as well!

  1. CYAN Backup

It is another one of those lesser popular but highly rated WP plugins for your backup needs.

It is a fork of the TotalBackup solutions that has not n\been updated in years.

This plugin supports for daily, hourly, weekly and monthly backups with some varying intervals among the processes.

You want it to back your site at every six hours? Done!

You want it to back your site at every other week? Cool fine!

It also helps you in the backup process by telling you which files or directories you need to and do not need to back up!