10 + Best Premium and Free User Management Plugins for WordPress Users

If you are running the multi-user website then you are familiar with assigning multiple members of your team or there may be or, author, contributor or regular user. Everyone has a different role so restrictions for everyone is different like for contributor they can only edit their post and editor can make changes in anyone’s post. In this article, we are going to see few plugins that can be helpful to manage the users easily.

Best User Management Plugin For WordPress Users

WP User Management Plus

This is a premium plugin and it will make user management much easier than default User Management functionality. By using these plugin you can suspend, ban anyone for its bad behavior. Also, you can check the user activity and see everything is going as per your rules or not. You can take action by using the information like username, Email ID or IP address. Sometimes we have many users then this plugin can be useful because to search the user in it is made very easy. You have full choice to choose the language by using, .MO and .PO files you can use a plugin in multi-language.

User Role Editor

Using these plugin you can the user role in few clicks. The thing you have to do is just turn on the check boxes and click on the Update button, so it will add the selected roles to the user. You can make your own roles and add it also you can delete it anytime. This plugin is very simple and easy to use. If you have added new user then you can simply add multiple roles simultaneously or you can remove the multiple roles simultaneously. It is a free plugin.

Add New User

Up to 15 users you can add at a time. You can set the user role, to particular. Likee, you can also set the username and the password to everyone. If you leave the password blank thenw password will automatically generate andn will email everything to the user.n will save the time in adding new users and specifying the role to each and everyone. As it ism plugin so it costs nearly $19.

Account Locker Lite

This plugin allows you to block the user account. If you want to restrict the user’s access but you don’t want to delete its account or change the password there is Account Locker Lite to help you out. Account Locker Lite allows you restrict the user from accessing in the website.

Profile Builder

This plugin is very important and every site owner should have this plugin. Just customize the site and add front end menu for all the users so that they can modify there profile or register the users. This plugin allows you the easy front end registration to the users. You can reorder the user profile by draging and dropping.

There is free plugin as well as premium plugin also but, premium comes with many options and facilities.

User Switching

These plugin allows you to enter into any user account. You can instantly log in and instanly log out from the user profile. If you are editoru have the permission to edit others profile then only you can use these plugin. By det is for Administrator on single sites and Super Admins on Multisites. It is compeletely secured and passwords cannot be revealed. Its free of cost.

Force Strong Passwords

Passwords are the most important to keep secure anything and for the website also, if you want to avoid the attacks or stay safe from the hackers then you passwords must be strong. Froce Strong Passwords forces to set the strong passwords to the users which have permissions to edit or publish the posts. Users can be Authors, Administrators and Editor are foreced to keep there password strong. It is an free Plugin

Add Existing Users

Using these plugin you can add the users from the different sites or you can search the users by the email Id. Also you can import the users. You can add 15 accounts at a time. It is same as the Add New User Plugin but here you can import the accounts. It is an premium plugin. So its cost is $19.

Idle Logout 

If you want any user to log out at particlar time from your site then these plugin will help you. By using this plugin you can see the users those who are logged in into your site at particluar time and see that they are completing there task in a given specifice time limit. It tracks the users activity from admin end and from the front end. Its a free of cost.

User Submitted Posts

It you want to keep the admin area away from the users access. There are many ways user can submit the content without going in admin area. User Submitted Posts plugin has done your work easy. By using these plugin you can add the from in the front end to your site so that user can submit the content to your website. It is the best as well as the first plugin to submit the posts in the front end. There is freesion as well as professional or premium version.

New User Approve

In wordpress by default it will accept the new user registration and if you want to prevent. Then New User Approve pulgin can be helpful, this plugin will register the user and then for the approval it will send the email to the administrator and its on administrator to select the user or deny its request. Then approved user will be allowed to log in to the site. It is free of cost.

Antivirus Protection

It is an security plugin it will help you to scan the site as well as the documents uploaded to your website. It removes the malware, updates the database and also sends the emails for the alerts or the any other notifications. It is free of cost as well as available in preminum with lots of features.

For managing the website we require users also to maintain properly we need the plugins and these were the few plugins for the user management. Hope so it was helpful to you.