Unknown Benefits of google adsense

If you are Google adsense publisher read these unknown benefits of google adsense. You might be unaware these advantages.

Using Google adsense ads in blog is dream for every blogger (me also:)). Even when I first started my blog I was totally unaware about Google adsense. When I know about Google adsense that time I really excited about Google adsense. I can’t wait for 6 months as Google adsense rule, apply for Google adsense within 3 months and got my adsense account. So having an adsense account is always good.  Now almost every bloggers prefer affiliated program before Google adsense because of huge commission. I also prefer affiliated program first but having adsense just secure my earning. I don’t need to check every day is any sale made today or not? Friends today I’m going to discuss some benefits of google adsense which you can’t ignore.

Benefits – 

Simple and fast – Not too complicated like other advertising network. Just create an account place ads on your blog and start earning.

Full Control – get every click and impression report within one click in adsense performance report section.

Types of ads – Adsense almost cover every type of ads which is big advantage for publishers as well as advertisers. Recently adsense introduce two new ad units (970×250 Billboard & 300×1050 portrait ) for more earning. Ads per page rule –

  • Maximum three content unit.
  • Maximum three link unit.
  • Two search boxes allow per page.

Easy Payment – Adsense not delaying payment like other ad network does. I always get my adsense payments at right time. Recently adsense start direct bank transfer for Indian publishers which really happy me and other Indian bloggers.

#Best relevant ad – I never see any ad network which provides adsense type relevant ads. Adsense ads are superbly relevant with any content which not only increase your blog revenue but also increase your website user experience. If it doesn’t, open your adsense account go allow/block section. Block some unrelated ads categories which don’t match your blog niche. Now see your adsense ads; I hope it will be more relevant.

#Multiple Website from one adsense account – This is the best advantage of google adsense. Once you get approve from google adsense you can place adsense ads on your other websites. You don’t need to any further review for placing ads any other website.

[Note – Your other websites should follow google adsense privacy policy and TOS]

Revenue sharing System – If you are in a self hosted word press blog you should try revenue sharing. Revenue sharing system helps both ways. From one side it will increase your website guest blogging and other side you can earn money by guest blogging on revenue sharing blogs. Some adsense revenue sharing website names are – www.techulator.com etc. . To start adsense revenue sharing in your word press blog download author advertising plug-in.

Website Flipping – This point is not so important but I think having adsense account is always advantage in website flipping. In early days when I went to sell a website with content I am getting pretty low price because of not having an adsense account. Sell website with active adsense ads you will get higher price. So this is another advantage of having adsense.

These amazing benefits make adsense best ad network for many years. Is Google doesn’t approve your website for adsense? Try these things before applying for google adsense. Is Google banned your website from adsense? Don’t give up try these best alternatives. Using these ad network you will earn similar or more than adsense.

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