Top Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense


Google adsense is the best advertising network for publishers to earn money from their websites or blogs. Many pro bloggers told that adsense is their main source of income meanwhile some of  pro bloggers also told that affiliate marketing is their main source of income. No doubt adsense is the best advertising network .  Everyone love adsense and give more importance adsense because of their related contextual ads and high CPC rate. Today I will show you some reasons that will give you enough reasons to hate adsense.

why I hate Google adsense-

#So Hard to getting Approve – It’s not 2006, when adsense was automatically approved for blogger blogs and other sites. Its 2016, now days getting approve adsense account not too easy. You have to follow their each and every rule to verify your account. Worst thing is it does not guarantee you should get an approve adsense account even following Google adsense all rules and TOS. If you are from Asian country you have to follow two or three more rules to get approve your adsense account. First your blog should be more than 6 months old and your blog should have some quality visitors. Their strict rules and TOS are making harder to getting approved.

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#Too many rules to follow – I never see any other ad network which have as many rule as Google adsense have. You have to follow their every rules, guidelines and terms of services even after approve. If you violate any rule they will send you a policy violation mail and ask you fix that violation issue within few days. If you don’t fixed that issue you will be banned from Google adsense.

Learn google adsense policies

#Google adsense policy and guideline – Once you get ban you will never get back – Once they banned you from Google adsense, you have to just forget adsense. Because after ban your account you can’t create any new account.

If Google already banned you from adsense don’t give up try this alternatives these are really good.  Top 10 best Google ad sense alterative ad network.

#Loss of readers- Adsense ads main disadvantage is their ads open in same window. Which means its make the reader leave the website. A loss of reader may be a loss of an affiliated sale or a subscriber.

#Poor Email support – adsense provides email support for publishers. But they respond very late sometimes it take a week or a moth to reply.

#Low CPC for developing countries – if your websites most of visitors are came from US, UK and Western Europe, it’s Ok. But if your websites most of visitors are came from developing country like (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.) it’s very hard to earn heavy money. Visitor from developed country Google will pay you 1$ – 3$ per click. But visitor from developing country Google will pay 0.01$ – 0.1$ per click, which is really low.

learn CPC, CPM, CTR advertising term details

#Chance of clicks – If your website or blog is based on category like movie or songs you will get regular click on ads. But a website based on blogging is pretty hard get regular click on their ads. Because their mainly visitors are website owners or bloggers and they know how Google adsense work.

Above points are my main reasons to hate Google adsense.

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5 thoughts on “Top Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense”

  1. Hi Hamim,
    All reasons are really true, that’s why most of the blogger hates Adsense. They use alternative ways to monetize their blog. But still Adsense is the best option to monetize a blog because of their High CPC.
    Thanks for the nice post.

  2. All these are true,but adsense has some special value in its mark.It provides the highest income for bloggers.
    Your point is absolutely right that blogging blogs will not survive for more cpc

  3. I have send my application to Adsense. But, every time time I was getting a disapproval message from Adsense. My website is 4 months old. Google Adsense will approve a website only after completion of 6 months from countries like India and China.

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