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Tips for Creating Relevant Customer-Centric Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Tips for Creating Relevant Customer-Centric Mobile Marketing Campaigns

It’s no secret that customers are the driving force behind campaigns, sales, and revenue. The push for creative and engaging mobile marketing campaigns is not only challenging, but demands a keen eye, sharp mind and solutions that get results. How can you craft your mobile marketing campaigns to be customer-centric and keep your brand in the limelight? Here are a few ideas:

Watch the KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are just that – indicators of how well your goals and benchmarks are doing. Use the data you gather to determine which KPIs are more important, and focus on them. Is it acquisition, retention, sales? Once you have this, you will have a better idea of how to craft your campaigns. For instance, if retention is your main goal, your customers will receive ads and incentives to keep them coming back for more, over and over. A perfect example of this is double coupons at a grocery store.

Capitalize on Social Media Apps

If there’s a smart device somewhere around, chances are it has a number of apps on it that meet customer demand. Your campaigns should encourage app usage and start conversations with the audience. Use these apps to quickly respond and share your creative campaigns. For example, the Facebook app allows individuals to use special emojis that you won’t find on the regular platform. This is not only fun, but engages an entirely different audience.

Listen to the Customers

You have to listen to your customers and understand what they are saying. You can hear their comments when they redeem coupons, check-in from stores, respond and opt into text messages and utilize coupons that expire at a certain time. This will help you continue to develop campaigns that draw them in. For example, Bath & Body Works distributes time-sensitive coupons on a regular basis through SMS and e-mail to draw customers in. Those 3- and 5-hour sales usually work very well with their promotions.

Use data to convert shoppers

Take the data you gather to develop campaigns that are based on customer behavior. How many of the same product have they bought? Was it based on a certain price? This will help you put together personalized campaigns that cater to these particular customers to bring them back into the store or ordering those products online. For instance, Walmart uses data insight based on online sales to offer personalized discounts for those products through sidebar advertising.

Start from Within

All the tools you use have a purpose – take the time to assess what is working and what isn’t to create customer-centric mobile marketing campaigns that continue to have an impact. Your team should be able to pinpoint which text messages did the best, what coupons work well, and the purchasing patterns of your audience. This data will help you continue to conduct tests to see what customers want and need from you as a brand. For example, companies that use QR codes embed data into each code to personally connect with that user. This provides insight into their preferences and how to specifically market to their needs.

These tips will assist in keeping mobile marketing campaigns customer-centric with great rewards.

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