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Thrive Themes Review 2019 – Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Framework

In this post I will give a ultimate analysis on thrive themes? Why you should you purchase thrive themes? you will get to know which is the best conversion focused theme and why? Just go through our thrive themes review.

Review Of - Thrive Themes 

Review By - Md Hamim


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Thrive Themes Membership Package Review

Old days are gone ! When every webmaster and blogger are focus on traffic.

Now days everyone is focused on conversion. Conversion rate determine webmasters skill.

Now from big webmaster to small bloggers everyone is focus on to convert their one time blog readers to permanent reader through email marketing.

This little calculation will help you to determine why conversion is important.

  1. A website with 1000 visitors per day and converting 10 visitors everyday. Then conversion rate is 1%
  2. A website with 500 visitors per day and converting 10 visitors everyday. Then conversion rate is 2%
  3. A website with 100 visitors a day and converting 10 visitors from them. Then Conversion rate is 10% 

As you can see Above 3 examples 3rd one is the best. But still I see many webmasters who’s are converting their product at a range of 15%-30%

As you can see in this post I'm going to write detail review about highly conversion focused theme thrive themes. 

As you can see I'm using thrive membership plan for my blog. So you will definitely get worthy review from my side. let's check full review. 

Thrive Themes Review 2019

What are The Thrive Themes ?

Thrive themes and their plugins are specialized for built  high conversion focus wordpress site without having much tech knowledge. All of their themes and plugins are used for different different purpose. All of their themes are blazing fast and perfectly optimized for conversion. (more sale) 

Currently In thrive themes marketplace has 10 different Themes for different niches. All of these 10 themes are highly customizable. So you can change them as you want.

list of all Thrive Themes  and Their Purpose - 

  • Rise – The Rise theme offers everything you need to create a captivating blog or a product sale site.
  • Storied – Storied theme is perfect for creating media-rich blogs that include images, videos, audio and more.
  • Pressive – Pressive is an excellent theme for creating marketing websites and gorgeous sales pages.
  • Performag – Performag is thrive themes first magazine theme. It is made specifically for magazine style sites and is optimized for the 3 most important factors in this business model ad revenue, social shares and user engagement.
  • Voice – Voice is the perfect theme for blogging, podcasting and any other site where your content is the central focus.
  • Minus – Minus theme comes with every feature you need to build your perfect blog or marketing website.
  • Squared – Squared is a theme that makes attention-grabbing design choices without losing sight of the business factor.
  • Ignition – Ignition theme is best for creating awesome looking sales pages and marketing pages for your products, memberships and services.
  • FocusBlog  – like all other themes focus blog can be used to create sales pages, lead generation pages and other types of landing pages.
  • Luxe – Luxe is a theme that is all about stripping away the distractions and the unessential, and keeping only what truly matters for making your site beautiful and functional.

Let's take a Deep look at Thrive Themes Features

thrive Themes

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 In general setting section best feature is "Header Phone". This is the best feature that I miss on many themes.

thrive themes

In style and layout setting section best features are extended menu and navigation setting.

thrive themes

In blog setting section have some normal feature which generally use to customize blog.

thrive themes

This is script section for tracking 

thrive themes

This is the best feature of Thrive Themes. In this section we can did two types of image compression. 

Lossy Compression - In this type image compression image size  is reduced and never possible to revert back to original size. 

Lossless Compression - In this type image compression image size  is reduced and possible to revert back to original size. 

Some Other Features are Lazy load comments and Image resize. 

thrive themes

This section is for comment customization.

thrive themes

This section is for social media settings. From where we can enable social sharing buttons with counters. 

thrive themes

This section is for 404 page customization.

And the other two sections are related post setting and Apprentice. 

Almost every thrive themes have same setting section except Apprentice section. Because some of the themes didn't have in built Apprentice feature. 

Thrive Opt-in - This features is for connecting email marketing software. 

thrive themes

Focus Area - This  feature is for adding focusing content or email subscription box in header or below content section.

Other Important Thrive Themes Features

Fast Loading – Despite of having huge no. of built-in customization, still thrive themes loading speed very fast. 

Built-in Widgets – Thrive themes are come with as many as 8 different inbuilt widget. Here is the list.

thrive themes

Thrive Short Code - With above all these get huge no. of shortcodes In WordPress post editor Section.

Thrive Themes Pricing

As I said, currently In thrive themes marketplace have 10 distinct themes for different niches.

Each theme single license price is $49 and unlimited license price is $67. both of these packages are comes with unlimited updates but only one year support. To get lifetime support, you have to buy their membership plan.

Thrive Themes Discount

Normally thrive themes didn't offer any discount or coupon code on their themes. But instead of single theme license if you go for unlimited license, then you can definitely save some bucks.

Instead of $49 if you paid $18 extra you can use that same theme on unlimited no of sites. So always go for unlimited license plan or go for membership plan.

Currently we are using thrive themes focus blog theme on this blog. 

Thrive Architect 

Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Leads

Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ovation

Thrive Quiz Builder 

Thrive Membership Plan Pricing

Now if you want to use all thrive products. Then thrive membership plan is best for you. With thrive membership plan you will get 10 thrive themes and thrive content builder, thrive leads, thrive ultimatum, thrive landing pages, thrive ovation, thrive quiz builder, thrive clever widget, thrive headline optimizer plugin.

now if you purchase each of thrive product separately, then you have to pay.

10 thrive themes = 10x69= $690

Thrive content builder - $147 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited ) 

Thrive leads - $147 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Thrive Clever widget - $97 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Thrive Landing pages - $0

Thrive headline optimizer - $147 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Thrive Ultimatum - $399 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Thrive Ovation - $97 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

​Thrive Quiz Builder - $147 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Total - ​$1871

Now you can get this total $1871 product $228 / year price. Or you can try $90/ Three months price.

Thrive Membership Plan Discount

Instead of quarterly plan if you goes for yearly plan you will get flat 24% discount from Thrive themes. 

What are The Advantages of Thrive Themes ?

  • All Thrive themes are highly compatible with SEO. So you don't have to think twice while designing your content.
  • All of their themes as well as plugins are full responsive with all types of device.
  • Despite of having huge number of customization all thrive themes are very light weight.
  • Huge number of built-in customization feature with every theme.
  • All of the thrive themes are supported all web browser.
  • Thrive themes also offer money back guarantee so you can return your money back within 30 days of purchasing.

What are the disadvantages of Thrive Themes ?

  • Need to re-edit Older Posts

Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Framework

Loading Speed - Thrive themes and genesis themes loading speeds are almost same. In some cases genesis themes are loading more faster that thrive themes. But due to less no. of customization we have to add several no of plugins for genesis themes. On that case thrive themes are loading comparatively faster that genesis theme. 

Features - Thrive themes have huge no. of inbuilt features like related post, thrive call to action button, thrive short code, thrive social sharing button and many more. While in Genesis theme didn't comes with much customization, either we have to load plugins for customization or we have to edit code section for customization.

Support - According to me both of the themes support service are almost same. 

Price - This is the big factor of any themes. Thrive themes full membership package price is $228 while genesis Framework price is $100. But still I'm going with thrive themes because by spending $228 i'm getting access of all thrive products on the other hand by spending $100 on genesis framework I'm getting only the core framework without any child theme or other plugins. 


I hope this above sections definitely clear your all doubts about thrive themes.

 Now if you still thinking about thrive theme. Then I have to say a you don’t have any urgency to did a big jump in online marketing. You want to be an ordinary as others are.

This is the best chance to grab best theme and plugin at reasonable price and be standout from the crowd.

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