Thrive Content Builder Review and Tutorial 2017 Edition

Review By - Md Hamim


Best WYSIWYG editor for WordPress


Unlimited site license price is below $90


Get Support with-in 24 hours

Our Rating

Perfect plugin to visualize blog content


 To edit older posts you have to re-edit them. 


This the best content builder plugin that I always recommend all of my blog readers. This plugin is very useful to create different types of landing pages. 

All of ​the pages which are created with thrive content builder is highly SEO friendly and 100% user friendly. 

From $67 Only 

Nowadays how much traffic you get is doesn’t matter, matter conversion rate. Having a blog with 1000’s of visitor per day but still conversion rate below 1% is obviously a bad one.

Some quick facts that’s low down blog conversion rate –

  • Poor Design
  • Thin Content
  • Distract User With Too Many ads
  • and many more. 

In this post I’m going to explain you how to overcome above no. 1 obstacle in blog conversion rate with thrive content builder plugin.

Thrive Content Builder 

Experience the most dashing WordPress content builder plugin at affordable price. Thrive content builder is the best plugin to create conversion focused page. 

Here I listed some best features of Thrive content builder that will blow your mind

Paragraph/ text element – A simple option that will help you to add text directly inside your blog post. Some extra option you will get, i.e,

  • Font color setup
  • Font size
  • Margin and padding
  • Hyperlinking
  • Etc.

paragraphWordPress content – This option will create an exact interface that has in wordpress page editor. So you can write post as you did in WordPress page editor.

Image – Simple option to add image inside blog post. With re-sizing and effects.

Button – Create as many as 6 different styles of clickable button with 6 different sizes. Where you can show credit card icon below button or you can set a event on that button.

Event is based to two different logic one is trigger and other one is action. By choosing different type of trigger you can set different type of action. Action may be based on popup a thrive light box or animation on that button or any other thing.

Icon – Insert icon inside your blog post or page. To insert an icon inside your blog page, first of all you have to upload incomoon icon pack through thrive icon manager section.

Credit card icon – This feature will empower your sales page when you add credit card icons.

Custom HTML /CSS– Add your own HTML or CSS file from this section.

Content Reveal – This feature will create a content box that will show after sudden time. (time that you set ).

Content template – If you already designed some page with thrive content builder and want to repeat that design on a new page, then this feature is best for you. For example if you create a review page or sale page and want to use this design in future, then just saved your template and in future use it through content template section.

Column layout – Creates as many as 9 different columns.

Content Box – Creates 6 different style content box. Where 3 styles are with headline and other 3 styles are with non-headline.

Quote Share – Share your quotes on twitter. in a minute create your own hover effect tweet sharing quote or link inside your blog page.

Styled list – Create lists with 6 different types of bullets.

Testimonials – 9 different types of testimonials where 6 testimonials templates are with picture and 3 are without picture.

Screen shot of one type of testimonial box

Call to action – Call to action buttons are very useful when you want to promote something inside your blog audience. A perfect CTA box can increase sale several percentage.

call to action
Screen shot of one type of call to action box

Guarantee box – Guarantee box just add extra authority of your product. Having a money back gurantee option is always make happy buyers.

Screen shot of one type of guarantee box

Pricing Table – Pricing table is the most essential feature inside a sales page. It helps buyers to compare different types of packages with their features. In thrive content builder have  inbuilt 1 column to 5 column layout pricing table.

thrive content builder

Feature Grid – Create 6 different types of feature grid box with images or icons.

Content Toggle – Create Accordion mode content toogle system inside your blog post or page.

Data element – This feature will help you to create progress bar, fill counter and number counter.

Google map – Embed google map inside your blog post or page or blog sidebar.

Countdown timer – Set two different types of countdown timer with unlimited types of color combination and time setting.

Responsive video– Add 4 different types of videos such as youtube,  vimeo, wistia or a self hosted. With many essential features like -auto hide logo, hide full screen button, hide video title bar etc.

Table of content – Table of content is very useful to give user a brief idea about your blog post and what he/she is gonna read in this post.

Thrive leads forms – This is the most useful function. By using this you can insert your email subscription form anywhere you want.

After inserting thrive leads forms inside blog post connect it with your auto responder service through connect with service.

For this first insert your email subscriber form inside the page then click on  Then click on “Subscriber now” Button.

Then through edit section click on  “Connect with service”

Now you will get a popup box like this.


click on create a new connection.

Bonus 7

Now choose your connection type.

You can connect it through API or you can directly put your HTML form that you got from email providers.


Here I’m connecting getresponse through API.

Comment –Add either disqus or facebook comment system direct your blog post/ page.

This huge list of 30+ tools clearly indicate the effectiveness of thrive content builder plugin.


Thrive Content Builder Review 

I loved thrive content builder for many reasons here I listed some best reasons for you.

Easy Customization - Due to large no of pre-made template, anyone can create stunning homepage on the basis of their niche. So customization is too easy. 

Work With any Theme - Like other popular content builder plugin, It also working with every themes. You can use this content builder with genesis theme or mythemeshop theme. In both cases it will work fine. 

Unlimited Design Possibility - ​Using thrive content builder anyone can design anything on a blog. For example you can see above review section, that I created with thrive content builder.

Affordable Price - You may think other content builder price is much lower than thrive content builder plugin. But still I'm saying its affordable price. Because normally other content builder plugin is offering single license but by spending $97 you can use thrive content builder plugin on as many as 5 different sites. 

Thrive Content Builder Plugin Price

Thrive content Builder Plugin is comes with three different types of license pack. Single site license price is $67, 5 sites license price is $97 and 15 sites license price is $147 only. 

Thrive Content Builder Discount

Are you searching for Thrive content builder discount coupon ? Then you are in right place. In the web you may find 100 of sites whose are offering different discount on different thrive product. 

But honestly, thrive themes didn't offer any discount on their any product. They are offering some inbuilt discount on individual product and 24% off on yearly memebership purchase. 

15 License Pack



  • Install on 5 website
  • Includes all the features
  • Unlimited free updates
  • 1 full year of support

5 License Pack



  • Install on 5 website
  • Includes all the features
  • Unlimited free updates
  • 1 full year of support

Single License



  • Install on 1 website
  • Includes all the features
  • Unlimited free updates
  • 1 full year of support

Pros of Thrive Content Builder

  1. Thrive content builder being very handy for me. It's help me to low down my blog no. of plugin. Before using thrive content builder I use several plugin to do all essentials tasks.
  2. With lots of design still thrive content builder in very lightweight. Any page designed with thrive content builder is not increase blog load time.
  3. Definitely a plugin to increase blog conversion rate as well as blog user experience.
  4. Pre-design landing pages are very useful to create a highly convert-able landing page.

Cons of thrive content builder

  1. It didn't work with already publish content. To use it on previously publish post you have to edit your older posts with thrive content builder.

This is the best plugin that I have ever seen. By using this plugin I can do everything what I want.

Note: With thrive content builder you can access thrive landing page feature also.

Thrive Landing Page Review

thrive themes review

This plugin mainly come with thrive content builder plugin.

This feature is been very helpful to create custom landing page as you want. In thrive landing page dashboard have 122 free pre-design different types sales page.

All of that pre-design sale are mainly basis on this categories.

  • Landing page
  • Sales page
  • Video marketing page
  • Conversion optimized page
  • review page
  • etc.

-within a minute.

and you can design your landing page as you wish by using thrive content builder.

Thrive landing page price is same as Thrive content builder plugin. Whether you bought thrive content builder or thrive landing page in both case you can access thrive lightbox plugin.


As per my recommendation I would suggest everyone to use thrive content builder plugin at the starting of their blog. So from day 1 you blog content will look polish and highly attractive. Above all if you use thrive content builder from starting days then their have been no headache of re-edit older blog posts. Currently I'm blending thrive content builder with genesis theme and both of them working great for me. It's your turn to taste thrive content builder ..

Thrive Content Builder Plugin Review
  • Design
  • Customization
  • Easy to Use
  • Price


Experience the most dashing WordPress content builder plugin at affordable price. Thrive content builder is the best plugin to create conversion-focused page.

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