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Review Of - Thrive Clever Widgets

Review By - Md Hamim


Create page/post level targeted ads in seconds


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Perfect plugin to low down bounce rate


Thrive clever widgets is the best plugin to create page/post/categories level separate widget , without implementing any code.

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After using lots of WordPress plugin to increase my WordPress UX currently I'm settle down with one plugin. 

i.e, Thrive Clever Widgets

A simple plugin that give me full power to create page, post, category level widgets in few clicks. 

In this post I'm going to show you how to use this UX plugin. 

Thrive Clever widgets Review 

What I'm getting in Thrive Clever widgets - 

By using thrive clever widget I can show different different widget on the basis of WordPress categories, page, posts etc. 

let see how it works,

I'm opening my website widget section and opened a widget. Where I'm getting a extra option called Thrive widget display option, as shown in image. 


It will popup a box,


From here, I can manually setup that on which pages or posts or categories this widget will show.

For example,  I'm showing thrive landing pages 300x250 ad block in my blog side bar. and now I want show that widget only on thrive themes related posts. Then to do this I just have to select thrive themes related posts through display logic section. Then this ad block will automatically disappear from all other posts.


Let's See how it works.

When I open other posts, mean which posts does not related to thrive themes then there will no advertisement in sidebar.

as you can see, When I'm opening any thrive related posts then It's show advertisement in blog sidebar.

This is the best plugin to show different ads for different categories for better conversion and without increasing blog load time.


  • Add Unlimited widget in sidebar without increasing loading time.
  • Better conversion
  • Bounce rate will be low down


  • Still No Issue
Thrive Clever Widgets Review
  • Performace
  • Customization
  • Price


Thrive clever widgets is the best plugin to create page/post/categories level separate widget, without implementing any code.