Before applying for adsense

Things To Do Before Applying For Google Adsense

Adsense is the best advertising network for many years. Everyone love to monetize their blog traffic by adsense because of adsense best contextual ads and high CPC rate. But now a day’s getting approve adsense account is quite hard. Google adsense program is strictly bounded by their rules and regulation, you have to follow their each and every rules to approve your adsense account.

Here I discuss some important points; points that you should check while appyling for google adsense. First of all read adsense full program policy.

These Points going to be very helpful – If your website already rejected from Google adsense and  you are going to resubmit again? Or you are going to create new adsense account for your blog?

Before applying for adsense

Things to do before applying Google adsense :

#Domain Name – Early day’s adsense approve sub domains, but now getting adsence account on or is too hard. First buy a suitable domain name for your blog. There are many website available from there you can easily buy a domain name within 10-15$. I recommended buy a top level .com domain to increase more chance of approval.

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 #Blog Design – Blog design matter a lot. Good design not only useful for user but also helpful for google crawler. If you are using any free theme do check whether its clean coded or not, If yes then no need to change, otherwise change with better one. Form my side if you are using free theme then always use updated SEO friendly templates or go for premium templates. Do check your blog navigation system whether is work or not. Google give importance blog navigation system. Bad navigation may leads to reject. 

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 #Blog SEO – Now make your blog SEO perfectly optimized. You can do it yourself or hire SEO experts.  In the web you may found many SEO experts who are optimized your blog and give you some useful tips how to attract more visitor.

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#Content – I Think main obstacles to getting approve Google adsense account is content. Google love great content and hate crappy content. If you have good quality content no one can stop you. Below things keep in mind while writing blog post – 

  • Type of Content – If your blog base on illegal content such as gambling, adult or drug related etc then forget Google adsense, they will never approve you. Try to write your blog post on technology, science, business and many more which gives readers value of your article.
  • Plagiarism – Another important problem which leads you reject from adsense. Don’t copies any other website content without owner permission. Google hate this type of blog. Even if you use any image on your blog which not created by you, this is also Plagiarism. To avoid this contact article owner for permission.
  • Content length – Content length also important point, don’t write small article 100-150 words. Try to write at least 400+ words.
  • Number of Posts – Everybody tell that is there any limitation of posts. But I think this point does not depend on account approval. I heard many people get adsense account with 40-50 post and some other not getting approved with 500 posts. Even I get my adsense account with 20 posts within 3 months olds domain.

#Important Pages –Pages are very important in a blog. Pages improve blog reader user experience. Some pages that should be include in the website navigation bar that is–

  • Privacy Policy/ Term and Condition Page– Privacy policy or term and condition page tell readers how they should use your blog. This page also tell readers that this website use cookies to determine user experience.
  • About Us Page – This is another important page. This page describes your blog and author history. Google love to see an about us page with blog history and author details.
  • Contact Page – This page also important for any blog. Via this page blog reader directly contact with blog owner. This page gives readers more usability and better user experienced.
  • Sitemap Page – This page not so important but to comply google webmaster quality guideline create a sitemap page for user. It will sure increase adsense approval chance.

#Remove Other Ads – If you use other advertising network to monetize your blog. Remove those ads before applying for adsense. After getting approved adsense account you can show other ad network ads but check is it violates adsense program policy or not.

Some other things check before applying google adsense –

  • If you are in India, Pakistan or china your blog age should be 6 months or higher. Google tight their policy for asian countries because lot of spammers came from this countries, try to fool Google.
  • Your age should be 18+ Otherwise you can’t get adsense account.
  • Providing valve of your blog; don’t intend that you are doing blogging for money purpose.
  • Is your blog traffic are paid traffic, if yes, first off it.Then try to bring some organic traffic to your blog. because google does not approve those blogs who are bring traffic by money.

After doing all these things then apply for adsense. I think you should get approve by Google.

Apply for Google Adsense

Conclusion – After doing all these things it’s not guarantee you will get approve adsense. These are the possible ways to get approved. If Google reject you, they will mail you why they reject your blog/website. Try to point out that rejection issue and resubmit again. Work hard on your blog Google will surely approve you for adsense and keep clam!! Happy Blogging!!

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