How does the google adword auction work ?? [infographic]

Are you know how does the Google adword auction work ? Every time we get different CPC rate for different click. Are you know why this happens?  Let’s get you all questions answer in this info-graphic?

In this info-graphic you will learn-        

How does the Google adword auction work?

What gets enter into these auctions?

How does Google determine which ad is shown where?

How does Google determine what you pay?

Other facts

These awesome infographic is design by – WordStream


2 thoughts on “How does the google adword auction work ?? [infographic]”

  1. Hi Hamim,

    It’s really interesting to know about Google AdWords.
    I was not that much aware about this auction. You have explained in detail.

    Such type auction can be beneficial for many people who are in such type of stuffs.

    Good post.;)

    Have a nice week ahead.


  2. Hi Bro,

    I’m really curious on knowing much about Google Adwords but time isn’t not on my side to read bulk of eBooks am having but with this infographic, I can feature out the importance of Google Adword and how the auction works

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