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Best Premium and Free Table Plugins For WordPress 2017

Best Table Plugins for WordPress

Here is the thing folks, nobody’s perfect ok!

You might not be perfect because even after 3 years you are still not halfway through your world-shaking novel, I might not be perfect because even after 3 years nobody cares for my world-shaking novels!

But machines are always perfect right? The hardware and the software!

They have to, they are programs, they are always perfect, for example take WordPress.com man, it’s the site for all our content management needs!

The best blogging and easy website creation portal that has taken the world by its beard, so even after years of ruling the number one spot in the best content management system available online anywhere, you would think it has everything.

It has no option for creating tables, easily putting it.

Yep, if you have got some lines of digital products to show and sell or just listing your stuffs than too bad man, there is no option for adding tables in your awesome WP site.

But that is why so many plugins are available to help you do just that and here we will be looking into some of the best of those plugins available for WordPress for creating plugins!

They are –


this is one of the most powerful plugins available for creating tables, it’s a premium one that is available to you at the price of 35USD.

This plugin is supremely customizable as well as powerful, it allows for some really attractive and beautiful table creations without any code writing!

You can also create tables from already existing sources as Excel, CSV, Spreadsheet, MySQL, JSON or XML files.

Saves you a lot of time, doesn’t it, of course it does.

Many of you are whistling in pure appreciation right now.

And that is not all guys, the in built column codes will automatically calculate the resulting values. Making it all hassle free process.

And what is even more pure divine is that you are fully capable to make changes in table from both, front end and the back end!!

The pre set formulas and conditions are customizable and will automatically highlight the cells and rows in accordance!

And what is even more great is that, wpDataTables allows you to create interactive charts, since this plugin is totally compatible with visual composer, you are able to use it with any premium theme of your choice!

You also get step by step video tutorials and documentation manual for ease.


This one, Tabulizer is a relatively new entry which does look very promising.

It is dubbed as the very promising plugin to create tables for Joomla and now for WordPress as well.

This plugin does have import and export option and it also supports for CSV, HTML, RSS, Excel database queries and even for plain text too.

The customization in Tabulizer is another big perk with unlimited ways to custom set your table contents.

Also you do not need any coding knowledge for doing so.

The table editing options come in both plain text editor and in grid editor options.

It does have a responsive design with a cache mechanism to boost performance.

League Table

This is another premium plugin for creating tables in WordPress, which is available for 15USD.

This is a pretty smooth solution for creating those complex tables with leaderboards, comparison chart, rank charts and such more.

Also, you can very much use this plugin to show very detailed stats about various subjects, as in sports ranking or scores, educational merits and grades, gadget pros and cons, medical stats and reports etc.

Wow, you can easily detach with this that if you are going for a full blown professional talker with your topics, whether you are going to talk about 10 best upcoming video games for PS4 or the best software patches for GTA V: A Comparison, this is the table maker you want!

The plugin is so much customizable that you will be able to custom colors for header fonts, background, even and odd row fonts, borders etc.

The plugin is fully responsive as well, meaning no matter what device you use this on, its not gonna lag.

You can use its shortcodes to display the tables on many places of your WP site.

Pricing Table Builder – Easy Pricing tables

As you can see from the name of this plugin, it’s that one of those plugins that are used to create monetary tables or pricing tables.

It’s available for free and there is a premium one of course and that is available for 29USD for a personal license of using it, yes it’s classy too!

This is used to create fully done pricing comparison tables, it’s very responsive too and will not make you frustrated with different platform random responses.

The customization options let you choose the font sizes, styles, colors, borders etc.

You can select a featuring column which can be dragged and dropped to to change its location.

The pro version comes along with 10 interesting templates, tooltip, advanced customization options, premium support etc.

Advanced Tables

If you are looking to get far more options with your tables then look no further than Advanced Tables Plugin. This one adds up a custom tables post type to create and manage your tables easily.

The editor is spreadsheet styled which offers easy and pretty familiar interface for adding data.

It has additional options with a responsive design, material design elements, custom styling and so much more.

Its available for 20USD.

Tables For Layers

So you want to become a Pokémon master, or maybe are just looking to add tables in your layers site build, then its super easy, just add tables for Layers man.

Unlike wasting time in nature for capturing random wild creatures all you have to do is add this premium plugin for creating tables in WordPress for 13USD.

This makes it possible to make tables by allowing in for an excel like interface and easy options for styling and formatting the layers design bar.

Once done just insert your tables like you would with any other layers page element and save it.

Dynamic Tables

Man these code canyon folks are everywhere, aren’t they?

Yes another master piece from code canyon is Dynamic Tables. It’s a premium plugin for WordPress to create tables available for 21USD.

Dynamic Tables are by code Canyon, yes and it is a quick table plugin which means that it imports previous lists from Excel, ODT, XML, CSV and even from MySQL too.

And then you can use sorting options, chart creations, set widths and so much more.

Additionally its totally compatible with the Layers plugin too!

And now the free ones –

Table Press

TablePress is a super great option available for free if you are looking for easily creating tables for your posts and pages.

This has a very easy to use interface built just like any other standard spreadsheet.

It also has a simple shortcode which can be used for inserting your created tables anywhere in the site.

Pages, posts or widgets just paste them anywhere you want.

Easy Table

Easy table is simply put, easy!

This very nifty and super handy plugin for creating tables in wordpress makes your life much easier with its super comfortable table creating options.

Just type in your data table straight into the post, widget or in the page or in the widget editor creating the content, just open up the shortcode, add the data separating the entries  into the columns with commas which will create new lines in each row, then close the shortcode.

Pretty straight and easy.

Ultimate Tables

Creating super giant tables without any bugs or lags is what Ultimate Tables does.

This plugin can very easily handle a giant amount of data and information to create some really good tables for your WP site.

This plugin supports pagination which can comes really handy for showing a huge matter of data.

Another great feature that it has is that it supports for sorting of table but only for the back end.

For customization options it has so many skins to choose from that are really efficient.

It also has a really cool and effective search box, a responsive layout, easy table management options.

What it doesn’t have is the import and export ability

 Visual Table Formatting Lite

This plugin, is for free and is available for premium as well. It’s a simple plugin for wordpress for creating tables.

It uses Visual Editor to create simple tables. But not the way you might be thinking, it adds its own buttons that opens up a conversation box by which you are able to generate your own tables by hand.

You just enter the data in CSV style (you can also use delimiter though) or just by pasting another VTF Lite provided shortcode.

The editor is cool with the ability to create many cells and then using some simple formatting to make it distinctive like color, italic, bold, underline etc.

The shortcodes that it gives are not that user friendly though, so you m8ght have some troubles by jumping in and out of the VFT Lite editor to make those small pesky data changes.

There is not much features available apart from the basic one, even if you upgrade to pro version which is 18USD in price all you will get is what others provide without any shout and right away.


So these were some of the best plugins available for creating tables in WordPress, hope it helped you.