Solve adsense incorrect contact address problem

Google adsense is the best ad network for publishers for many years.  Everyone loves to show google adsense ad on their blogs because of adsense high CPC rate. Now getting an approved adsense account is not easy. To get approve adsesne account you have to follow some conditions and strict rules. After follow all rules you have to pass two step verification process. Sometime after successfully passing first step verification process Google reject application in second step verification process. Every time Google show a rejection issue why they can’t approve that website.

Commonly we see these 5 type issues –

  • Site does not comply with Google adsense policy.
  • Site does not comply with Google webmaster quality guideline.
  • Insufficient content
  • Unsupported language
  • Contact address incorrect or incomplete.

How to solve these issues –

  1. This issue occurs when you do some mistake in your blog which strictly prohibited in Google adsense policy. So again read carefully Google adsense policy, don’t skip a single sentence while reading. You surely find your mistakes. If you cant find your mistakes go Google product-forum, ask your question, you will get your answer.
  2. Check first is your website/blog comply with Google webmaster guideline ? Then resubmit again adsense application form.
  3. This is an easy point. To overcome this issue you have to write more post.
  4. Change your blog language.
  5. All of above; this is the most irritating issue. This issue mainly occurs when we incorrectly fill adsense application form. Today I’m going to discuss on this issue and I also show you how to solve this issue.

How to solve contact address incorrect problem?

1. Go

2. Now click on your gmail address for processing.

3.Now add your preferred domain name and choose your website language. Then click on continue button.

4. Now you have to fill-up a form with your personal details – [Form will look like as below image]

submit your adsense application

5. First select your country.

6. Then select your time zone.

7.Now choose which type of account you want individual or business account.

8.Now in payee name add your proper full name. Don’t use any short form of your name. As first time I use payee name Md. Hamim Mondal instead of Mahammad Hamim Mondal and very next day Google sent me a mail they can’t approve my account because of incorrect contact address. So be careful when write your name as well as check spelling when write your name because once your application is approve then you can’t change this payee name.

9. Add our permanent address with street address. Having a street address in your address is must. If you can’t find your street address where you lived?? Don’t worry. Let’s check this below tricks how to find street address?

Go Google maps.

Find your exact location on Google map. You can find your location using GPS system OR you can directly search you address in Google map. From my side use GPS system for better result.

After find your location left click on your location; you will get a menu. Click on what’s here option. You will get your exact address with street address. Add this address in Google adsense application form.

10. Add your city.

11.Add your phone number.

12. Choose an option how did you know about Google adsense ?

13.Click on submit my application.

Review process will take 3-4 days sometimes it takes 1 month so don’t worried about it keep clam and do blogging.

Final Word

Following these steps I solve my incorrect contact address problem. So I hope it will work for you. If you need any help from me, write a comment below? If this post help you solve incorrect address problem, do share this post with your friends. Have nice day 🙂

6 thoughts on “Solve adsense incorrect contact address problem”

  1. Hi Hamim,
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    My address is correctly submitted in the application and I am currently waiting for the verification PIN to arrive. But anyway its a great tutorial for those who have done it wrong by mistake. It is advised to do it right in the first time as Google AdSense takes a lot of time to process things.
    Vineet Saxena

  2. Hi Hamim,

    You know Google AdSense is the leading ad provider to many blogs but most of bloggers face rejection due to the violation of some rules.

    It’s policies are so hard to pass through. Bloggers try their best to get ads from Google AdSense but fail.
    You have given the right direction to the bloggers to check their blog and getting ready their blog for re-submission.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

    Hope you are having fun this week.:)


  3. Yeah its very hard to pass to Google policy. But following these anyone can fillup his/her google adsense application form correctly.

    thanks for your comment Ravi Bro. 🙂

    BTW thanks again for share this post on google+

  4. Hi Hamim,
    Wonderful post. You have put forward your thoughts in front of us in very effective way. great tips very useful for Google Adsense users. over all your article is informative, inspirational and instructive. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  5. Hi,

    Google Adsense is really becoming tough for many, but some common issues can be solved with following clear steps as mentioned by you.

    Re-selecting the language and correct address on the form submission will help in the passing two check points. Rest all checkpoints are well known and if followed, Adsense application will definitely go through.

    Nice article. I liked it. 🙂

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