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10 Best Social content locker Plugins for WordPress 2016

Social media plays very crucial part on blogging. Now days almost every blogs 30% traffic are came from social media and its increase day by day. I hope you also doing well on social media to bring more traffic.

But, Do you want more and more (like, share and plus one)?

Why not? 😛 Everyone would love it.

So how to did it.

Use a plug-in, Yeah a simple social locker plug-in will do it for you. Just put short codes before and after your content which portion you want to lock and it’s done. 🙂

Using this plugins you can show any one social sharing button like facebook like button or google + sharing button or twitter tweet button. Even you can use all of them in once + twitter following button + linkedin following button.

Using social content locker will not affect your post search engine ranking.

So why not use it … 🙂

Here I listed 10 best WordPress social content locker plugins; try any one of them.

10 Best Social Content Locker Plugins for WordPress – 

Social Locker plugin

Best social locker plugin for WordPress users. Using this you can lock your content quite easily. Its free version also available in WordPress directory. But in free version you can’t customize it ultimately for your content. So I refer to buy their premium content to access its all feature.

More Features –

  • It’s 100% SEO friendly, your locked content always visible to search engine.
  • It will not affect your blog load time, tested from P3 plugin.
  • 4 types of lock available, you done it via short code.
  • This plug-in also mobile friendly, so you can use it for mobile users.


Buy Now $24

Social Video Locker

After a content locker plugin now check one of the best social video locker plugin. Using this plugin you can lock your video and user must share your link on social network to view this video.

Main Features –

  • Lock any YouTube or viemo video using it.
  • Supports 4 different types social network
  • Includes powerful tinyMCE toolbar plugin that allows you to generate fully customized shortcodes without typing a single line of code!
  • Unlimited number of videos per page!
  • Includes 10 different overlay image effects with 2 color schemes!
  • AJAX Settings / Admin Panel with 29+ advanced settings and options for full power!

Buy Now -$22

Social Share and Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

Social share locker so far the most useful social content locker plugin . You can use as a social sharer or as locker both way. Its inbuilt 10 unique themes gives your site ultimate look.

Main Features –

  • 10 Special Themes
  • Multiple Social Display
  • Total numbers of share count
  • 8 custom social locker theme
  • 3 predefined and 10 standard template for mobile sites.
  • 3 Predefined social follow templates
  • and many more.

Buy Now -$15

Like 2 unlock WordPress Plugin

Another one best wordpress social locker plugin from onepress. The Like 2 Unlock plugin for WordPress is a Like Button and content locker in one bottle, which allows you to lock specified content on a web page until a user clicks the Like Button and help you to get more likes, fans, traffic and customers!

Buy Now -$11

Super Social Content Locker For WordPress

It could be your next social locker with most amazing features, let’s think if you can lock your content with different options, Some content locked by follow or share us on social media and some are forced to watch your advertisement video and some are want to fill out the form and some or just play a game by voting. How its Sound? its absolutely Awesome!!!

Buy Now – $20

Viral WordPress Locker

Pretty similar like other social content locker plugins. It allows search engine crawlers to index your locked page, but it will restrict user to like, share or plus one to unlock the content. You can lock everything either it image or video or text.

Buy Now -$11

Easy Social Locker

This plugin allows you to automatically lock any page, post, custom post type or selected content. Your content is hidden and only way to reveal it is to like or share your page. This functions gives you more likes, shares, in’s, tweets or +1’s.

Buy Now -$20

Social Content Locker

Similar like social locker plug-in from onepress. Similarly here also you can combine Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn to create a social media traffic generating powerhouse of your WordPress site. You can use multiple locker on same page or post page for more social traffic.

Buy Now – $19

Google +1 content locker

Google +1 Content Locker allows you to wrap your WordPress post and page content in a “content locker” that will require the user to share your content with Google +1 before they can see it. You can use unlimited locker on single page.

Buy Now – $8

Share Locker

Share locker is a wordPress plugin that lets you hide content on a posts or pages. To unlock that hide content users have to click on face book like button, twitter tweet button, Google plus one button and Lock any type content like- text, html, images, videos, flash, eBooks and files until the visitor decides to share or like your page. You can put multiple lockers even on the same page.

Buy Now – $18

Use any of these above premium plugin and increase your social stats. If you use any other plugin for that. let me know in comment.

11 thoughts on “10 Best Social content locker Plugins for WordPress 2016”

  1. Hi Hamim
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list. A few of them I earlier have tried at my clients’ websites and they boost traffic amazingly.
    Have a great day

  2. Thanks for sharing…!

    Well, creates useful resources and using social media locker is the best way to improve social media spreading and sharing…!

    Anyway, thanks for your big list of social locker plugins. I love those all above..! 🙂

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