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SEOpressor Review 2017 : is it better than Yoast ?

Most of WordPress users use either Yoast SEO plugin or all in one SEO pack plugin. Even I also use yoast seo plugin but still some of my blogs I’m using a premium wordpress plugin i.e, SEOpressor. I mainly use SEOpressor because I got some extra feature that are missing in the yoast plugin. In this post I’m going to explore its all extra feature that give my blog posts a big boost in search rank.


SEOpressor review

Let me describe its all features which are definitely going to be helpful to determine whether this plugin is good or not.

By Setting What you can do?

Post title – A simple features that will help you to automatically add keywords in post titles.

Post slug – This feature is also available in Yoast SEO plugin. In both plugin it removes common words (like –a, since, us) automatically. But in seopressor you will get an extra feature where you will get a database from where you can easily insert or delete any words (which you don’t want to see in the post).

Keywords – This section help you to automatically decorate keywords either in bold or italic or underline.

Images – This feature  is excellent to override images alternate text attribute and images title attribute.

Links – In link section you can setup all external links and images as nofollow.

Social SEO – This feature enable rich snippets, facebook SEO in post setting, twitter SEO in post setting and Dublin core in post setting.

Tags – In tags section you can set up how much tags you can add per page and you can blacklist any tag.

LSI Setting – Now in LSI setting section add the bing API key for integration. This feature will suggest you some keywords automatically on basis of bing search engine.

Miscellaneous – In Miscellaneous section you can set up what section SEO pressor will analyze either Full Page or content area only. In same dashboard you can omit characters that will help you to analyze your blog post without disturbance. And the best feature is you can set up minimum SEO score, so whenever a  contributor or other author going to publish any post without hitting the minimum SEO score. Then their posts will automatically saved as a draft.

Post/Page Score – Now its time to move its next option i.e, post/page score. In this section you will see all your blog pages/posts with their SEO score, title, keyword, publish date and suggestion. So form this section you can easily optimize your old un-optimize posts with the help of SEO suggestion.

Internal link – By using this section you can insert internal link on every page automatically.

External link – Work same as internal link. Extra feature is you can set up cloaked link.

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Inside Blog page or post what you can do ?

This is the SEOpressor score  [before optimization]

Now when I add a single keyword related to blog post then see what happen.

seopressor screenshot

Immediately it shows SEOpressor optimization score and keyword density with suggestion.

Suggestion are based one three different criteria 1. keyword decoration 2. URL 3. Content. If you miss anything that is important in SEO, then it will automatically suggest me to add that.

At the end of its, It shows whether your post is over optimize or not.

Now take a look on SEOpressor setting for blog posts and pages- 


Where first option is for meta title and meta description.  Then I can set which type of post it is by using rich snippet section. Next option is Social SEO where I can add  post image, author name, description differently for facebook and twitter. So whenever I or anyone share my post on facebook or twitter this pre-added description and title will automatically added by default. Then setup dublin core title and description.

Price – SEOpressor Connect price is $9/Month Only. 

Grab Your Copy of SEOpressor

Is it better than yoast? 

Now if I compare SEOpressor with yoast, you can easily observe in certain area SEOpressor overtake yoast SEO by a big margin. But Yoast plugin have some extra feature i.e, accessing robots.txt file, htaccess file, google webmaster verification option etc. So overall I can say SEOpressor is best for blog content optimization and SEOpressor is goldmine for those bloggers whose are want to rank on several keyword basis on one post.

Conclusion – When it comes to SEO, I think everyone should give importance on it. Because SEO is the most integral part to rank high in google.  To make a perfectly SEO optimize webpage and blog post SEOpressor is obviously a first choice.

SEOpressor Review
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