5 SEO Myths that will Exists

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As said everywhere, SEO is a process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines by various unpaid sources. But these days, it involves various other things also including a keyword research, increase in the number of quality pages for the visitors and therefore, generating high-quality inbound links.

Myths are different types of lies. They are usually unreal. Like every professional fields, myths do exist in blogging also. These are basically the things or assumptions that people take to be true about it and there are lots of SEO myths which cover the web these days.This field of profession is more prone to myths because something that worked on last week or last month may no longer produce results for you.

Assumptions are parent to all failures and as a blogger, the easiest way to screw the business brand you are struggling to build from many years is to closely believe in these SEO myths. So, they are very unhealthy for your business, and could also terribly destroy your business growth.

But, unfortunately the greatest believers of these myths still don’t know what SEO really about is. The below mentioned are 5 common myths that you should never believe:

5 SEO Myths that will Exists

SEO don’t work

So, there is common myth that SEO doesn’t work and if it is true than why more than 95 percent internet users begin their online experiences with a search engine? On the other hand, 80% of U.S. consumer servery time consult online reviews before making any purchase.So, the answer lies in the stats. So if you claim that you don’t need SEO because it doesn’t work, you will slowly lose various opportunities to grow your business.

Keyword research does not make difference

Usage of keywords act as a magic in your blog and generally when people try to make a search on Google, they usually use various keywords to tell Google what they want.Therefore, as a blogger, you can’t even ignore it because this is the essential part of your blog and you will be also competing with other bloggers for many keywords.So, by using well researched and unique keywords, there are very high chances that your webpage will rank higher.

Social media has no impact on SEO

Google says they do not use facebook likes or tweet counts to rank websites but this doesn’t mean that SEO is not affected by these social activities. In fact, you can say that successful social media plans can have great effects on your SEO efforts and by this you can even gain lots of publicity from influencers and bloggers. What it usually does is that it generate san ongoing cycle of blogs on your web page which further provides signals to Google that your content is important to people.

Link building is no longer relevant

If you are among those who still believe that link building is no longer good for search ranking, then you are simply falling for crap because it’s a myth you need to dispel quickly.One of the most important works of Google is that it seeks to list the best content in its search result and links are still one of the best signals it uses to further determine what content users consider to be valuable for them.

Guest blogging is dead

Guest blogging means when a guest writer contributes a piece of his content to another blog. Therefore, it is commonly used link building strategy which grows a lot of traffic at amazing rates.So, forget about all myths regarding this and if you are doing your guest blogging in the right way like you focus on quality content and target only quality blogs then you are on right track.So now you can go ahead and publish your guest posts on all authority blogs. It will also help you build a unique brand and boost your search ranking.

Therefore, these are the 5 myths you have explored about SEO and you should now avoid all these and the best way to stay away from these kinds of myths is only to trust the authority websites or blogs rather than just believing in anything you read online.

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