SendPulse Review : Best Mailchimp Alternative

Email marketing is an incredibly quick and easy way to reach your audience to inform them about sales, new arrivals, events, and special offers. This marketing channel remains effective due to high ROI (how much money is earned in relation to the money spent). Surveys show that marketers viewed an email as a producer of strong ROI.

However, to achieve a good result you have to choose a reliable email marketing platform. You have most likely heard of famous email marketing services like MailChimp and GetResponse, but today our review will be devoted to a lesser-known service available to a wide audience. It’s definitely a new option in understanding email services.

SendPulse is a multichannel marketing platform that focuses on maximizing the open rate and click-through rate of emails. It compares quite favorably with famous email marketing services.

Let’s take a look at a list of functional SendPulse features. I promise that many of them will pleasantly surprise you!

SendPulse Features and Review

  • An artificial intelligence system – It increases an open rate of your email campaigns

SendPulse developed an artificial intelligence system to increase open rate and click-through rate of your email campaigns. On average, you can get an email open rate of up to 50 percent. How does the whole operation work? The system gathers information about your subscribers such as time zone, time of previous email opens, communication preference, and others. After analyzing such data, the system determines the best time and the best channel to contact each subscriber.

  • Personalization – It makes your email more relevant

SendPulse’s email personalization function goes beyond a name in the subject line and the email’s body. You can insert any information you have about your subscriber into the email campaign. You can create additional fields in the subscription form such as the gender, date of birth, location, family status, age, interests, and other information. Then subscribers fill in these fields and you will use it in emails to be more relevant.

  • Subscription forms – Collect not only emails but also any information about your subscribers

Email marketing starts from gathering email addresses. SendPulse’s subscription form generator allows you to design unique subscription forms in your corporate style and colors. You can enter any number of fields for certain information: name, email, phone number, age, and so on. You can also choose a completed subscription form template from the section “Form templates.

  • Simple email editor – It allows you to create professional and responsive emails

To launch an email campaign you will need to create a unique email template. In SendPulse’s service I found a very simple tool for creating an email design. They call it the drag and drop email editor. Even a beginner email marketer can learn how to use it. The editor includes such elements as text, picture, button, separator, video, social network buttons, and others. You can add all of them to your template and then edit it. All templates you create with this editor look perfect on any screen resolution. This is very important because 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

  • Free email template gallery – Over 100 ready-made email templates for your campaigns

Choose any email template you like in SendPulse’s templates gallery. All the templates are divided into categories by topic: holiday, e-commerce, travel, restaurant, health care, and other. You can easily and quickly create emails from these many templates.


  • Automated series of emails – It saves you time and improves conversion rates

You can automate every stage of your email marketing with SendPulse because there are three variants of an automated email campaign available.

  • A series of emails – You can set the sending schedule after subscription and joining the email list. Use a series of emails to also promote a sale by email or to invite more users to a webinar.
  • Automated emails based on a special date – You can send greetings on holidays and on subscribers’ birthdays.
  • Automatically triggered emails – For this type of email you need to define the criteria for sending.

For example, the automated email will be sent if a subscriber clicked a particular link in the email.


  • A/B testing – It will help increase the efficiency of your email campaigns

Sometimes it is difficult to make final decisions about certain elements of the email. For example, you might not be able to decide what subject line to choose or what color background to use. In this situation, compare your variants with the help of A/B testing. It allows you to determine the most effective form for your mailings.

With SendPulse you can test these elements:

  • The subject line
  • The location of the text
  • The fonts
  • The number and color of buttons
  • The number of links
  • The call to action, and others

The point is, the test emails are sent only to a small segment of your mailing list. Then you choose a particular variant of the email that brought better metrics of open rates and click rates and send it to the rest of your list. This is how A/B testing helps to achieve maximum efficiency quickly and easily.

  • Statistics reports for each email campaign – Analyze the results and improve them

SendPulse analyzes a wide range of metrics and actions of subscribers. You will see all of the metrics in a statistics report. In the section “Campaign statistics” you will see the number of opens, clicks, emails marked as spam, unsubscribed users, opens by location, click map, and so on. Here is just a fragment of it.


  • Mobile app – The mobile app will allow you to be better connected with subscribers and elevate your email campaigns

The app is available through iOS and Android. With this application you can add subscribers to you email lists, send email campaigns, and check the results.

  • API – You can integrate SendPulse with services you already use.

Integration is possible with CMS, CRM, and other services by using API. SendPulse supports integration with third-party systems. The list of third-party systems is not long, but it is constantly updated with new systems. The most popular integrations that are available in SendPulse are WooCommerce, WordPress, Zapier, Typeform, and others.

  • A free tariff is available
  • If you have fewer than 2,500 subscribers, send up to 15,000 newsletters per month absolutely for free.
  • You can test the SMTP service with the first 12,000 emails for free.
  • SendPulse web-push notifications are totally free.
  • Reasonable prices

If you have more than 2,500 subscribers you can choose from these types of paying accounts:

  • Payment for monthly subscription that lets you select the number of subscribers and emails you need. It starts from $9.85.
  • Payment for every mailing you send. Starts from $32.00 for 10,000 messages.


To end this review, I’d like to mention that I found SendPulse to be a rather functional platform because it offers all the most popular features, automates all procedures in email marketing, and has affordable tariffs.