How To Save Money On Web Hosting Renewal

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Check this post you will get your answer.

Normally when we purchase any webhosting, for the first time we get huge discount. Like $7.50/month web hosting package get in $4/per month. Now according to this discount we have to give $48 for every year hosting. But after one years you have to pay $90 for next three years. Means extra $42 you have to give on next renewal.

So What to do ? and How to save money on web hosting renewal ?

First of all keep in mind this point never buy small period web hosting package. Always buy long period web hosting package for more advantage.

Let’s do some calculation to see how effect long term package on saving money.

I choose hostgator web hosting and their baby web hosting plan.

When I purchase any Web hosting plan on 1 year time period using 25% off coupon code, It charged me.. $89.55.

But when I choose same plan on 3 year time period using same coupon code, It charged me … $214.65.

Now if I purchase web hosting product for 1 year time period and renew it yearly, it will cost me after three years.

$(89.55+ 119.40+119.40) = $328.35

[price increase because when you renewal web hosting package you wouldn’t get any discount most of web hosting provider]

So you save $113.7 easily by choosing 3 year’s plan.

That’s why I recommend buying long term web hosting packages for extra benefits.

If you already purchase web hosting package and now want a renewal coupon code.

Use this trick ….

Migrate Your Website

Migrate your website from one server to another server. Normally hostgator, bluehost , siteground offer similar type service. So if you migrate your website one from another web hosting, it will not affect your website.

All you have to do.. Just purchase a new web hosting package and migrate your website from old one to new one. Even most of these web hosting provider offer free migration service.

This is the best way to keep your budget in your hand.

Directly contact with web hosting provider –

You can directly ask your web hosting provider for discount price. Tell them you get far cheapest price on other web hosting. Hope they will arrange a discount. But  normally most of website didn’t offer any discount on renewal. So on this situation first trick is best.

If you did any other trick while renewing your web hosting package to get discount. Do share your trick with us.

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8 thoughts on “How To Save Money On Web Hosting Renewal”

  1. i agree with you bro…taking a long duration package can save lot of money than going for yearly package…very informative post…thanks for sharing

  2. thanks Md. Hamim Mondal for this great article… my hosting renewal is due and this article will surely help me save some money… keep sharing such great content… cheers mate..

  3. I really like your idea of getting the hosting purchased for more time like 3 years to save money. But the problem is only the users who are sure they would be having a site up and running at the end of 3 years can invest for 3 years.

  4. I liked your idea about long time duration on hosting but I just prefer 2 yrs will be fine as some hosting are not proper in communication I have struggled lot especially with Godaddy

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