How to rocket your blog Email Subscription Rate

Are you converting one time blog visitor to regular reader?? Large numbers of subscriber mean you have a big number of audiences whose are love to read something new from you. Are you building your blog subscribers list? If not, don’t worry. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to conduct your one time blog visitor to subscribe your blog. Normally any visitor will not subscribe your blog if you are not popular or your content is not up to mark. No doubt content is king, if you deliver right and useful content on your blog, you will get regular subscriber. But the point is how to increase this subscription rate. Let’s check these easy methods…

boost email subscription rate

Rocket your blog email subscription rate

Offer Incentives – Offering Incentives is the best way to attract huge numbers of subscriber. Bloggers are very often use this technique to attract subscribers. Examples –

  1. Offer FREE Report –Reports means you can present your recent blog traffic chart as report or some conversation with other blogger as report etc. For more clearly understand check enstine muki blog, where he offer as incentive is a report on how top blogger make $$$$ online. As a newbie or anyone would love to read that report how those big bloggers are make money online. So it’s a great technique to attract subscriber.
Enstine muki’s blog email subscription form
  1. Offer Valuable thing as free – Offer something that worth for readers. Something like an epic ebook or some products or some secrets etc.

For example, Check Nikihil gantora blog where he offering 49$ eBook free for his blog subscriber.  This is another method which can bring brisk number of subscriber.

Universal Blogging Tips   All About Blogging
Universalbloggingtips email subscription box

Other side, some other website like, where they directly offer product as incentive. This method also work.

Here I listed only three type incentives that offers by some big bloggers. In the web you may find these types offers thousand times. Offering incentives is the most used method in  bloggers.

Showing numbers of subscribers to attract new subscribers – If your blog have thousands of subscriber you don’t need to promote anything as incentive. Just show how many people are with you, As Harsh Agrawal done in shoutmeloud. This method also works because after seeing huge number of subscribers readers will think there must be something good in your feed. But this method conversion rate much lower than incentive method.

Shoutmeloud email subscription box

Placing subscription box also play a vital role for any blog. Here I point out some places, which ones bring more subscribers.

In Sidebar – Sidebar is the most usual palace where almost every blogging add their email subscriber form to bring more subscribers.

Below the post – If your content is great, than your reader should love to subscribe your blog after reading your post. So having a subscriber box after post is always helpful.

Use sticky bar – Add sticky bar above header of the blog. You can do this using hellobar plug-in.

Use Pop-Up – colorful Pop-up may bring high number f subscribers. While creating popup check its appearing time and when to show this. Otherwise too many popup can ruin your blog traffic.

Add a Big subscriber box – In front page just after head add a big subscription box with some spicy offer. This is the best position to get maximum conversation.

Add subscription box into pages – Add your blog subscription box into your blog about me page.

Still many other place like footer, inside blog post sometime increase conversion rate. I can’t tell that places are not good; sometimes that places work finer than regular places. But above positions are the best to get highest conversion.

Promote– Promote that product that you give your blog subscriber as incentive. For promotion you can write a blog post about that, or you can directly promote your product with your friends and co-workers on social networking site.

Design – Sometimes good content also ignored by readers because of bad design. First of all give your blog a professional looking design. Everything depends on your blog first impression, so notice on your blog landing page. For customize email subscription form you can check this 12 plug-ins that I use.

Arrange a Giveaways contest – Arrange a giveaway contest on your blog and add a checklist that everyone should subscribe my blog in order to participate this word. This method can give at a time huge number of subscriber.

Add a checklist in blog comment section – Just put a short checklist in your blog comment section. Tell your commentators wanna get my new blog posts notification in your inbox just check this box.

After doing all of these above steps, do A/B test and check which place is work best for you. Changing promotional method time to time is also helpful. Keep focus on your blog content, if content is great, readers definitely subscribe your blog.

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  1. Hi Md,
    I saw this article on broadedNet widget on I couldn’t resist it because the title is captivating.

    While reading, I found a huge surprise – I’m tagged 😉

    Looking quite good and thanks for giving me that exposure. Great content bro.

    hope you are having a wonderful week

  2. All three website which subscriber box you present here, all are having big subscriber list, thanks so sharing some cool tips about how we can easily increase our subscriber list within short time.. great work bro..

  3. Hi Md,

    Wonderful post. I completely agree with the option about offering something of value for free. That is a real subscribe magnet! I am experimenting with different optins on my blog and actually found out that to give off something of real value is way better and more effective than just saying “subscribe to get free updates”

    Thanks for sharing and hope to read more from you soon.

  4. Thanks for that, some great pointers.

    I think I need to do something about my subscriptions. I don’t have any. But I have my own little annoyance about pop ups on a blog. Its like hold on – I just come to your blog to read your post for the first time. I have not been on here for more than a couple of seconds and you want me to sign up. I don’t know if I want to you, I have not had time to read your work and see if it appeals to me. That is just my thoughts. It does not motivate me. But I am only new.

    But i will take some of your points on. Thank you.

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