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RevenueHits review 2017 – Best CPA Ad network

Is your website ban from google adsense? Or can’t getting approve your adsense account? Then you should give a try to revenuehits. It’s not as good as adsense but it has some potential to deliver adsense like CPA. I already listed this advertising network in my Top 10 adsense alternative post and top and advertising network post. Revenuehits serve their ads from 2003. So there is no chance to get cheated from them.

In this post I’m sharing an in detail review about revenuehits. Which will help you to determine how revenuehits works, before joining.

revenuehits review

RevenueHits Review –

Easy Signup –  First thing came in my mind about reveuene hits is, its signup process. Revenuehits signup process is the most easiest signup process ever. You don’t have to cross some hard and fast rule and regulation and then waiting for days and days for reviewing. By filling one form you can easily became a revenuehits publisher.

Low Payment – Like other big advertising networks revenuehits have not any $50-$100 payment thersold method. Revenuehits minimum thersold money in $20 only, So wheneven you touch or cross this $20 marks. You will get your money end of that month.

Various Types of ads – Revenuehits offer two types of ad placement – 1) Desktop base ad placement and 2) Mobile base ad placement.

In desktop base ad placement have 9 different types of ad segment.

  1. Banner ad – In which you can choose different size of banner s
  2. Button ad- This ads shows button types ads beside your blog side bar.
  3. 468×60 footer – This create a sticky footer ad 468×60 size.
  4. 728×90 footer – This also create sticky footer ad 728×90 size.
  5. Interstitial – This will show link basis ads. After applying its code inside your blog. Revenuehits will automatically make some of your blog words as external link. So whenever someone click on those link, he/she will see a quick popup basis on that keyword.
  6. Popupder – It will create a popup ads.
  7. Shadow box – This will create shadow ad inside your blog post.
  8. Slider – It will show a slider ad beside your blog sidebar.
  9. Topbar – It will show a sticky top bar ads.

Now in Mobile base ad placement have 5 different types of ad segment.

  1. Mobile dialog – It is an popup basis ad. Which mainly offer some other apps to download.
  2. Footer – A simple sticky footer ad bar.
  3. Interstitial – Work same as it work on desktop version.
  4. Notifier – Work same as deskop top bar ad.
  5. New tab – This will create a popup ad that offers you to open that in a new tab.

Payment method – Revenuehits support three different payment methods – 1) Paypal 2)Wire 3) Payoneer

Advantage of Revenuehits –

  1. Easy to signup
  2. Various types of ads
  3. And the major advantage of revenuehits is it works better for downloadable websites. Downloadable sites means those websites who are offering downloads on every page.

Disadvantage –

  1. Doesn’t work better for main stream blogs.

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Extra Feature –

If you are a revenue hit publisher then you can earn much more with revenuehits referral program. In revenuehits referral program if you refer any publisher you will get $10 whenever refer publisher earn $10 and you will get another $40 whenever refer publisher earn $50. You will get another $50 whenever refer publisher hit $100.

So from a single referral you can earn $100. Isn’t great?

Conclusion – From my side, revenuehits is best when you are banned from google adsense. To make most out of it combine revenuehits with infolink ads. I am sure this will work best for you.

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