Reduce blog load time

Simple Ways Reduce Blog Load Time in WordPress

Page speed is an important component for any website. Page speed expresses your blog or website usability and accessibility. No one will wait more than 10 sec. to open a website. Slow page speed would half your website traffic and increase your website bounce rate. To bring back your valuable readers you need to speed up your website load time. Here I explain some important steps to do to reduce blog load time effectively.

How to check website page speed ?

Many web companies available in the web where you can check your website page speed. GTmatrix is one of them; I use it and recommended others. Because it explain your webpage every portion in detail. Its Yslow grade shows you which part of your website makes load time higher. Normally an unoptimized websites will score 50% -60% in speed test but an optimized website can easily score 90% in  speed test.

Other two useful page speed checker tools are Google page speed, Pingdom.

Reduce blog load time

Ways to reduce blog load time –

#Choose Best Web Hosting – page speed depend mostly on hosting provider. If your website hosting provider server response is very slow; then it’s difficult to reduce load time. So before buy any web hosting package first compare with others then buy. I use hostgator hosting for my blog and recommended others. Read my reasons why I recommend hostgator web hosting. You can use other popular web hosting providers like dreamhost, blue host etc.

#Blog Theme – Blog theme is another issue which can increase blog load time. If your blog theme are badly coded and heavy designed your page load time should increase. In word press thousand of free themes available but most of them are not fully optimized or clean coded. So first buy a premium theme from mythemeshop or Genesis. Because both of these theme providers themes are easy to customize and load very fast.

#Use cache to serve cache page – Enable your blog cache. This means server cache your all pages and serve to visitors. It significantly reduces your website load time.

#Minify CSS – CSS file generally take times to load. Keep number of CSS file as low as possible. Uses plug-in like W3 Total cache to minify your website CSS files or use wp minify plug in to minify css file.

#Compress Java Script – Java Script file also takes long time load. If there have any unnecessary java script file, remove it. You can use JavaScript compressor to compress website JavaScript file. It will reduce your blog load time.

#Compress Image – Before upload any images fully compress it. You can use plug-in so called Wp to compress image after upload any image. It will definitely reduce blog load time.

Note –Wp smush it plug-in does not compatible with CDN service as cloudflare, amazon S3, maxcdn etc. Then use other image compressor plug-in EWWW image optimizer.

#Number Of Plug-in – keep number of plugin below fifteen. Too many plug-in will increase website or blog load time. Remove unnecessary plug-in for better performance.

#No of Widget – Don’t use too many widgets on your website or blog page. It also slows down your blog page speed.

#No of Ads – Some Ads network (Google ad sense, yahoo) ad load with java scripts. I already mention JavaScript file increase blog time. So if you are a user of Google ad sense or yahoo ads keep no of ads low for high page speed.

#Split page – If you are post an article on your blog which contain more than 20 image split that page into parts. It will significantly improve your blog accessibility and page speed.

I discuss here most easy ways to reduce blog load time. After cover all these aspects check your blog load time. See the magic your blog load time should increase 30-40%. In my next post I will discuss some useful plugins to increase wordpress blogs or websites page speed performance.  I hope this post really help you to reduce blog load time. Please share this post on social networking site to help other or subscribe us to get more useful posts direct your inbox.

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