Proven Methods To Increase Google Adsense CTR ( Click Through Rate)

No need to introduce google adsense in bloggers. Every blogger know how it works. But having an approved adsense account does not mean you will earn 100$ overnight. In order to earn huge money using Google adsense two important things need –1) lots of organic traffic and 2) correct ad placement.  If your blog bring lots of traffic from search engine but you can’t earn much money with adsense.  Then change your advertisement places; you might add your adsense ads on low CTR areas. Let’s check these below tips; these tips definitely increase your ads CTR.

 What is CTR?

CTR means click-through rate. It defines number of clicks you get on your ad in respect to number of time your ad displayed. If your blog get 100 page views and get 3 click on your adsense ads this mean your adsense ads CTR 3%.

Methods to increase Google adsense CTR

 Ad placement

Ad placement mainly defers click rates. Check is your adsense ads are placed in this high CTR areas –

  1. Below header / Right side header
  2. After the blog post title
  3. After the blog post body
  4. Middle of the post
  5. Sidebar (Top)

google adsense ad placement

These are the high CTR areas for any ads. Place your ads in these areas; as well as check your ads behavior on others area like footer, Sidebar bottom etc. sometimes these areas also work for someone.

Ad Size and Ad color

Is not necessary all time you have to work with recommend ad formats. Try something new format or create a custom ad. Changing adverts color sometimes works; If your blog background color white try black or blue background adsense ad for better result. To change your adsense ad colour  GO Google Adsense >> My ads >> Ad style.

Change ad style

Ad type

Do changes you ad type also good practice. In a blog some places are work best on rich media base ads similarly some other place also have where work best text base ads. So keep changes ad types to get better CTR result.


 If your blog template is responsive, so give a try responsive ad format. In this era almost every blogs are responsive. Now almost 40% readers are come from mobile device.  So having a responsive ad unit in blogs is always helpful.

More Ads

 if you are using one adsense ad unit still not getting any click on that. Then add more ad unit for clicks. But keep in mind don’t cross the limitation.

Do A/B test

A/B test is the best way to track adsense ad unit performance. It will show you how changes differ your ad performance.

To do A/B test go Google adsense >> my ads >> Content >> Experiment.

AB test

Make Sticky Adsense Ads

Making ad unit sticky is another best process to get more clicks on ad. Anything sticky is ads or any content is always attracting readers to click on that. So adding sticky unit is definitely improve your ads CTR.

  • For Blogger make any widget sticky check this post.
  • For WordPress users try Q2W3 fixed widget plugin

Block some ad category

 If your blog base on blogging and your adsense ads are showing ads  on apparel you will not get any click on that. Block some unusual categories which doesn’t suits your blog niche. Don’t block large number of categories.

 Final words

Above the all tips the most important thing is traffic. Your blog should have large number of search engine visitor to get most clicks on ads. Do mix up above tips to get better result. If you use any other method to increase your adsense CTR, Do share your method in the comment section. I love to know new things from you. Have a nice day friends. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Proven Methods To Increase Google Adsense CTR ( Click Through Rate)”

  1. Swapnadip Chakraborty

    Hey Hamim,

    I can cite you many examples of people who possible have got Google Adsense Approval but still then haven’t even seen a dine. This things happens due to poor planning.

    We have to place banner ads on those are of our blog where we can expect maximum click. We should be careful about the color and size of the ads. Try to put one or two ads on every page.

    I thing if we follow these steps then we can manage to earn huge money from adsense.

    I also like to say thanks to you Hamim for writing this post.

    Have a lovely day.


    1. Thanks for your valuable comment Swapnadip Bro.

      Yeah without proper planning we cant earn more. Adding two or more ads on every page is not confirm that you will get lots of clicks, you have to do check every ads performance. Sometime a single ad unit can make same money as 4 other ad unit does.

      keep visiting here my friend.

      Have a nice day.

  2. Hello Hamim,
    Great Post Indeed. All points are really important to get more revenue from Google Adsense. I specially want to say that, Ad placement, Ad Size and ad color is most important to increase CTR within a short period of time.
    Anyway, Thanks for the nice sharing. 🙂

  3. Hi Hamim – You’re right on. I used the AdSense split tester plugin AmpedSense to see which configurations are the best, and I see the biggest gains in placement and size. Color too sometimes. Keep spreadin the word!

  4. The position of ads is an important factor that determines whether they will be clicked or not. A good place to place ads is at the top of the page. Fine post here, Hamin.

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