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6 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2016

Nowadays, Number of social shares denotes how popular any post. But it’s not easy to get huge numbers of social share. It depends on your blog post quality, blog popularity and social popularity. Sometime it also depends on your blog social sharing button. Lack of social sharing button visibility, slow loading and bad design can decrease your blog social sharing rate. To gain more and more social share today I’m going to introduce 6 best premium WordPress social sharing plugin that can boost your blog social share rate several times.  Download any of these plug-in and see difference.

 6 Premium Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

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Easy Social Share button

The ultimate social sharing plugin that allows you to share, monitor and increase your social popularity. Easy social share button allows you to 20 of major social network site. Easy social sharing button also comes with Social image sharing option so you haven’t needed to buy any extra plug-in for image sharing.

Best Features –

  • 19 Unique Templates
  • 12 display location
  • 4 Button Display styles
  • 9 counter style
  • After share action
  • Social image sharing
  • 12 native Social like, follow & subscriber button
  • Social Fan counter
  • Social metric
  • Social Share optimization
  • Etc.

Buy Now – $14


Take social sharing to the next level with Monarch plugin. An excellent social sharing plug-in created by elegant themes. A plugin that definitely help you to get more and more social share. This plug-in loaded with some unique features that make this plug-in best of all plugins.

Best features –

  • 20+ social networks to choose
  • Add sharing button five different locations.
  • 3 Automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers
  • Place follow button anywhere with short code
  • Choose button share color and hover effect.
  • Elegantly responsive
  • Lightning fast
  • Check your social sharing statistics
  • Etc.

Buy Now – $89 (You can Access there all themes and plug-ins free of cost)

Social Buzz Plugin

Are you searching for mashable like social sharing plugin? Then try social buzz plugin. It’s not only gives you perfect mashable like social sharing button but also shows a share graphs. This is the trending social share plug-in.

Best Features –

  • Awesome social buzz graphs
  • Beautiful Share Buttons
  • 3 Built-in styles
  • Super light weight code
  • Etc.

Buy Now – $19

Fixed WordPress Social share Buttons

The Fixed WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin shows social media icons on any window position you like. Plus: it protects the user’s privacy because it does not load any data from the social media platform in the user’s browser.

Best Features –

  • Retina Icons
  • Custom Icon Colors
  • Full Responsive
  • Custom CSS
  • More speed
  • Etc.

Buy Now – $15

Social Share and Locker PRO

Social share and locker is similar like easy social share plug-in.  But it has one extra feature is social locker. Is not just a simple social plug-in, is that plug-in that cover all the necessities and desires. With just few clicks you can set your social icons exactly into the right place or you can lock your content requesting a share on one of the social networks available.

Best Features –

  • Fast social button loading
  • Responsive social Theme
  • CSS3 Hover effect
  • Social locker short code generator
  • Custom box position
  • Realistic share count
  • Etc.

Buy Now – $14

Ultimate Social Duex

If you’re looking for a customizable, easy-to-use WordPress social plug-in, then ultimate social duex is best solution for you. With its sleek, stylish aesthetics, numerous customization options and user friendly interface, this social sharing plug-in is a definite standout.

Best Features –

  • Custom social sharing button with social counter
  • Many display option
  • Show social button using short code
  • Fan counter
  • 5 unique skins
  • AJAX sends mail
  • Etc.

Buy Now – $14

Let me know which plug-in work best for you. If you use any other plug-in, let me know in comment section.

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