7 really cool pet animal WordPress Themes June 2017

Many a user’s on the internet who develop their own website using WordPress tend to have a defined theme of their blogs/posts or business theme – where they are mostly focusing their services to you know!

So if you are a blogger who just loves Pizza and can’t stop but spread the word of Pizza and its many varieties and its many simple recipes with the world, so that, anyone can enjoy the awesome pizzas…

…then it would be foolish to not sprinkle some pizza related imageries and underlining themes with backgrounds for your blog/site. Especially where there are some available for you!

So that is what basically a theme is…it decorates your website according to what is the main topic of your discussions or your product services or just regular template themes!

Like formal ones for professional corporations and informal customizable ones!

So today we are going to discuss about some the best themes for pet lovers, animal wordpress themes. 

7 really cool pet animal WordPress Themes for you!




Petta is available for 59USD. This is a premium theme that is especially created for any pet care website, pet shops or some really devoted pet loving blogs.

This one is very stylish, beautiful, vivid and radical in its tone and textures and really minimalistic when it comes to sophistication.

This is a very quickly loading, fast and lightweight pet animal theme for wordpress and is also very customizable.

Petta is highly responsive and integrates finely with all your underlining softwares without any lags or disturbances.

It is also very powerful for a webmaster rookie or any seasoned user alike to download, install and use right away.

Petta comes along with features like Visual Composer based page building plugin and apart from this, it also has custom developed array of unique and smooth features and elements available exclusively in Petta.

Happy Pets


Happy Pets is another premium website for all pet and animal lovers. It’s also available for 59USD. And its totally understandable considering its coming from the same developing team as Petta – The Theme Forest.

This is a fully responsive wordpress theme that is readily usable in any device without any lag or delay in loading time.

This is a Retina-Ready theme for wordpress with a clean, minimal design that even without being loud sets the perfect tone and mood for your visitors.

It is very light weight in space consumption and pretty code light of course making it very smooth to load up.

Happy Pets is very attractive looking beautiful theme with light tones that are nowhere lesser to bring the theme and tone of your posts and services.

Pets and Wets


Oh ho, well it seems just like Code Canyons in Plugin designs for wordpress, theme forest has the same hold on the theme market for wordpress.

So Pets and vets is another premium website by themeforest that you can buy for yes, 59USD, correct.

So this premium theme is for those pet lovers and animal aficionados who have a pet store business, or business related to pet care industry like pet foods and pet toys,.

It’s also a pretty good choice for animal shelters or pet healthcare related businesses.

This is a highly cool theme for your business since it comes with the WooCommerce business plugin pre installed in it to sell all your products vividly.

Showcase all your products easily and in perfect order of your choice, sell them directly through your website!

Put in the option for a Filter search and see everyone using your website more and more day by day.

The theme also has features like fully responsive design, shop timing widgets, more than 82 theme option settings, its bootstrap based, integrated with the woocommerce indeed.

Rescue – pet finder support + animal shelter theme


Rescue is another premium theme for animal lovers and pet theme searchers. Its by themeforest and it is available for…54USD, yes this amount now.

So this theme has basically one main subject for its creation, getting animals adopted ASAP.

So its very pet business friendly and works for any kind of pets related business that you might have, be it pet foods, pet toys, animal shelter, animal care, pet sitting etc.

Retina Ready and fully responsive for any device you see it on, has a few cool and handy custom widgets like location finder, pet finding software, pet gallery and business timing etc.

Paws and Claws – Pet WordPress Theme


A perfect premium them for any pet or animal related business and shops that you might have like animal care, pet sitting services, pet shops, pet foods and such.

Although this is more perfectly suited for any pet clinic related venture!

Made available by themeforest for only 49USD this is a very handy tool and it comes with a very cute and beautiful pet themed design.

The theme is code light and thus takes no time in installation and application.

The theme has a few features like event calendar, 2 different sliders, pricing tables, Retina Ready responsive design, multiple color schemes, google fonts, separate pet adoption page, it’s multilingual, has a mega menu, has loads of shortcodes and unlimited sidebars with many theme options.


PetSitter Job Board responsive WordPress Theme


This is a really helpful premium site by themeforest which is available for 59USD.

This powerful wordpress theme allows you to create some really strong and amazing job board sites where anyone can post jobs for random pet related jobs like pet walking, pet sitting, pet shelter, pet shitter, pet controller and etc.

Consider it a craigslist for pets for your local business expansion.

The main features that this cool wordpress theme includes is a fully responsive integrated design, WP job manager is supported, over 40 shortcodes, a very powerful theme option, based on bootstrap, Google fonts and unlimited colors.


VETS – WordPress Veterinary Medical Health Clinic Theme


Available for 49 USD from themeforest as well this is another universal pet theme that can be used anywhere for any pet related business.

This theme allows in some really powerful features and elements like a fully responsive design, advanced theme option panel, a powerful drag and drop page builder, multiple language supportive, unlimited gallery, contact form7, more than 15 custom widgets, and a huge load of shortcodes.

Great isn’t it?

So these are some of the chosen few of the best looking as well as smoothly performing popular animal themes for your wordpress site.

Hope it helped.