PayClick Review 2017 – Is It Best Native Ad Network ?

Here comes a AD network like never before like no others totally different which will make difference and it is payclick ad network. There are many Ad networks but you will earn next to nothing from then but payclick will make you earn through their excellent ad networks and there are so many satisfied partners of Payclick with a smile on there face. Here I am giving an unbiased payclick review which will help you to take decision.

What Is Payclick?

PayClick is a "native-ads" platform. Native Ads are ads which are (or pretend to be) native to your website. Meaning they're so deep and precisely integrated with your website's content that they feel not like "ads" but as if they're just another article/aspect/page on your website.

PayClick is an ad-network which you probably have already gathered by now. Now it's an ad-network based on the "native ads formats".So if you're an Advertiser you can use Payclick to gain the attention and sales you've been always waiting for, or as a Publisher you can collect some solid cash for Payclick ads.

Native ads are the kind of ads which are the "most conversion optimized" ad algorithms into play right now! Let's just say they aren't boring, and people actually click them.

While with the other "more established, popular" ad networks, you get the typical banner and text ads, which even the blind internet users can spot as "ADS" from a mile away, and they don't even checkout what the ad is saying. It's like their brains automatically turn that part of your website off.


Statics for Payclick


Monthly Statistics:

 1 620 000 000 impressions

37 200 000 clicks

2.3% average CTR

More than 120000 advertisers in 107 countries

Why Payclick?

⦁ Why not Pay click?

⦁ Is there any ad network with so minimum threshold ?

⦁ Is there any ad network who are as supporting as Payclick?

You are getting much more facilities from payclick like minimum withdrawal threshold. Weekly payment And also several payment method. As if biriyani forwarded towards you. But if you don't like Biriyani then no one can help you.Not only that, their instant set up. Customization and friendly nature with adsense is really a rare quality which you cant get similarity.

Speciality Or uniqueness of payclick - PayClick Review

Features & Benefits

⦁ There are many features and benefits that make a unique and preferred ad network for publishers.

⦁ PayClick doesn’t have conflicts with AdSense or other Native advertising networks.

⦁ This ad network has over 120,000 advertisers spread across 107 nations.

⦁ It can help you generate the highest revenue based on CPM/CPC.

⦁ The widgets load quickly and your website is up and showing ads quickly.

⦁ As a new publisher, there is no need to go through complex set of processes.

⦁The widget setup takes not more than 5 minutes.

⦁ You can also ask your support manager to take care of it.

⦁ Depending on your website’s traffic network, you can get your payments on weekly basis or even in advance.

⦁ As already mentioned, allows complete control over ad moderation.

⦁ The payment modes supported by PayClick include PayPal, Webmoney, Wire, and Pioneer.

⦁ Global coverage. They started Their business in 2010 and earned trust of more than 120 thousand advertisers in 107 countries.

⦁ High CTR = High income. Advanced technology of placing native ads perfectly corresponds to the interests of customers and makes it possible to achieve 5% CTR against 2.3% average in the market.


⦁ Flexible conditions. They are always ready to offer most favorable conditions available on the market to the owners of the Websites with quality traffic and audience.

⦁ Easy and fast. Installation and configuration of the widget takes no more than 5-7 minutes. Should any problem occur, Their local online technical support manager will always be available to help you.

⦁ Guaranteed payments. Their innovative approach and strict financial discipline allows us to make payments every week in a method which suits you best. You have constant access to full reports on impressions, clicks, effectiveness and income rates.

⦁ Become Their partner and get access to the best available monetization tools the market can offer you!

Their network enables ALL of Their publishers: What will attract you.

⦁ Native ads following audience interests and Website content: Ads Will be following audience interest . So it will be more converting.

⦁ Highest revenue on both CPM and CPC basis: Comparatively payclicks are offering the highest revenue on both CPC and CPM.

⦁ Payouts made every week and in advance: This facility is beyond imagine you are getting payments on The weekly basis . This made payclick better than others.

⦁ Fast-loading widget responsive to every device (desktop/mobile/tablet): Widget will be containing fast loading content which will be rsponcise for every device.

⦁ More than 50 ad unit setting options: From background color to type of product/content recommendations: Lots of option for you for customizing ad unit. So that it can go out with your Website. Adjust with space and also colors. And You can make it totally different from other Website.

⦁ Fast and easy widget installation, suitable even for beginners: No complecation at all in installing payclick widget it is more than simple you wont be confused and be disturbed.

⦁ PayClick widget NEVER conflicts with AdSense or other ad networks: The best things of payclick is that it never conflicts with adsense. So there is no risk or any problem with the installation of payclick. Oh yes! you can use both simultaneously at a time.. Double dhamaka!! Win Win Condition..

⦁ Exclusive terms for premium partners and smaller Websites : Payclick Offers Exclusive terms for premium partners and smaller Websites .

⦁ Multiple payment methods: PayPal, Pioneer, Wire, Webmoney: Here comes another great feature of payclick. Several payment method availability. So You will never have head ache about payments. As you will be paid in the option what you want. As payclick wants your heart to be quite and satisfied and brain free of tension about payments.

⦁ 24/7 support from local manager who speaks your language :: I may be tired of writing of unique features of payclick and can elaborate larger but as i know that you already have understood and are in hurry so i will not take your time and will deliver the final stroke that while in partnership with payclick whatever you face problem and feel the need for support payclick will provide you instant support to you within a moment AND what! on your own language. You need not to be in tension for communication problem.

Reliability of payclick: Not only me but also several payclick partners are saying that there is no doubt about reliability of payclick. Its 100% genuine. After relationship with payclick you will also say the same.

Final Words for payclick: Now only for formality i have to give the introduction. Because you have already made up your mind to signup for payclick. Because you were waiting for weekly payment or advance payment you were waiting for High CTR and different Payment method. And where their are chances of earning more than another ad network with guarantee .