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How I Increase Blog Organic Traffic 200% (Case Study)

Want to increase your blog organic traffic? If YES or NO. Do check my tips; I’m damn sure these tips going to help you a lot. In this post I’m going to revel how I increase this blog organic traffic over 200% without offering much content. Yeah almost 2 months I didn’t write any post on this blog. Because I was too busy for my new project. But to maintain this blog traffic I did some small changes in this blog. All those small changes increase my blog organic traffic over 200% within one month.

Organic Traffic

Let’s come to the point,

what I actually did to increase my blog organic traffic?

I did six small changes to do that.

  1. Blog Load time
  2. Change sitemap
  3. Increase Social Share
  4. Change meta tags
  5. Updating old blog posts
  6. Do-follow back links.

 Improve blog load time-

As we know, Now Google give preference high page speed pages first in Google search result. So having high page speed website is always helpful for getting more chance to rank high on Google search engine result page. So my first target was improving blog page speed. Previously this blog load time was in-between 5-6 seconds (it happened cause of too many ads). I think I can improve this blog load time by some seconds (by removing those ads). But I never think these changes could bring my blog page speed into millisecond race. After those changes now my blog load time is 655 milliseconds, which is just dream for me.

mytrickschool pagespeed

So what I did to do that?

  • First of all I remove all unnecessary ads from this blog.
  • Setup W3 cache plug-in
  • Uninstall some plug-ins which loads every time with some external JavaScript.
  • Start using EWWW image optimizer to optimize and reduces image size.
  • Start using free Cloud flare CDN service. If you also want use cloud flare CDN, check my post on wpcrazed where I write how to integrate Free Cloud flare CDN on WordPress.

After did that all changes I check my blog page speed on pingdom and its loading time shows only 655 milliseconds. As I say I never think these small changes can rush my blog loading time 5 sec. to 655 milliseconds. So I’m too happy with that.

Submit new sitemap into Google webmaster tools –

I think everyone know importance of site map. I hope you also submit your blog site map in your Google webmaster tools. If not, check my post where I explain how to submit site map into Google webmaster tools.

Now back to point Why I re-submit sitemap ?  I use yoast generated site map. But I didn’t know in last two months yoast generated site map show too many errors. One day in Google webmaster tools I saw it shows over 58 errors, so then and then I change my blog site map with Google XML site map plug-in generated site maps. I have been using this site map over one month and it didn’t show any error till now.

Add Meta tags into all posts

Some of my old posts didn’t perfectly SEO optimized. Some of them keyword missing, some of them Meta tags missing etc. So I edit those posts and make them perfectly SEO optimized.

Updating old blog posts –

As I said I haven’t enough time to write any post. So I keep updating my old blog posts. In this process my old blog posts are not only gain higher rank in search engine but also improve my blog page views.

Give importance social shares –

Social sharing also helps in some parts to improve blog SERP rank. So it’s very important to get regular social share. To get more and more social share I try many plug-ins but that didn’t works for me. One day in Facebook one friend recommend me to try revive old post PRO plug-in for more social traffic. Believing his recommendation I brought Revive old post pro plug-in and that was a gainer for me. Revive old post PRO is too easy for anyone, Just setup and forgot.

With this premium plug-in I also use Just-retweet to get more social shares from some authority users.

Give importance do-follow back links

Now days getting do-follow back links from other websites is very hard task.  Because now every website owner keep their outgoing links as a no-follow links. But to increase blog SERP rank do-follow back link is very important.  So bring more do-follow back links I joined some high page rank SEO and webmaster forums. Because forums are the only place where I can generate do-follow back link. But keep in mind don’t do any spam activity on forums. They will block you no time.

Wrapping it up –

It would be the end of this post. These are my tips which I used to increase my blog organic traffic. Implement these tips on your blog and let me know is your blog organic traffic growing or not?

Thanks for reading this post. Happy Blogging 🙂

8 thoughts on “How I Increase Blog Organic Traffic 200% (Case Study)”

  1. Hello,

    Excellent post and detailed information with simple words from top to bottom about how I increase blog organic traffic.Social media sharing is to useful. I am very happy to visit this website and read the great information that you present.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Nice and valuable blog post. Well, you have not used targeted keyword in your url. Rest of the things are fine. Keep blogging and best of luck

  3. Hi hamim,
    I wonderful post indeed,
    You’ve listed all genuine methods for increasing our blog’s organic traffic,
    Thanks for the share

  4. Hi Hamim,

    Pretty informative posts. I must say. But i don’t think that changes meta tags makes any difference in rankings. Google or search engines now don’t care about what keywords your meta tags contain. In most of the cases, Google uses its own analysis to judge a page’s authority.

    You have a nice day, Hamim.

    ….. Tamal

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