Namecheap Black Friday Sale 2018 – [LIVE] 99% OFF!! CRAZIEST

NameCheap Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Searching for Namecheap Black Friday Special offer? Then you are in right place. Here we are sharing 99% OFF Namecheap Black friday coupons.

NameCheap Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2018

Coupon 1 – Automatically Added

Discount Value – 98% OFF

Namecheap deal

Coupon 2 – FALLFUN

Discount Value – 10% off on all domain names

Namecheap deal

Coupon 3 – MYNEWHOST

Discount Value – 20% off on professional hosting package

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Coupon 4 – SAVENOV

Discount Value – 30% off on Unlimited hosting package

Namecheap deal

Features of NameCheap

In this section, you are going to read the features of NameCheap.

#1. A Massive List of Domain Extensions

Truth be told, domain extension does not have an added bonus in SERPs. All you need is a top level domain no matter which one. I have seen many blogs with .io domain sitting on first position in Google search.

So what matters is the hard work you put into the project. That’s why NameCheap has a lot of domains under their roof. You can purchase any of them from the dedicated domain registration page of theirs.

#2. Different Kinds of Web Hosting

Web hosting is of several types based on the system resources and level of control it offers.

NameCheap has got all the types, which are needed for a small blog or an ecommerce site with a lot of daily hits.

All the shared hosting accounts get SSD hosting and unlimited bandwidth. And, the VPS plans are economic as well.

They have a lot of choices for dedicated server hosting that you will be given the complete freedom to select the configuration.

Along with shared, VPS and dedicated, they have reseller and private email hosting too.

#3. 14 Days Money back Guarantee and 24x 7 Customer Support

NameCheap will never make you disappointed as you get the top-notch service. In case you find anything inconvenient, the 14 days money back policy will come to your rescue.

Customer support is a backbone of a web hosting company because the mouth marketing may turn out to be the worst if they don’t treat the consumers well. NameCheap gives extra attention to the existing customers and solves their issues within no time.

#4. Affordable Price

Every time I checkout a web hosting, the first thing my eyes seek is the price. Admit it! You all do it.

NameCheap’s domains and hosting services are fairly cheap. And, you will get a free whois checker and DNS as well. The latter one can be used if your registrar doesn’t support Domain Name System to map your domain.

#5. Daily Backups and Virus Scanner

Hackers keep on crawling into our sites. They sometimes try to inject malicious files into our servers. So it is your responsibility to stay safe. The virus scanner available with NameCheap hosting helps you eliminate any malicious code or file right away.

And, the daily backup feature is capable giving the life back to your site if anything goes wrong.

Wrapping Up

Are you still not convinced? Checkout NameCheap now.

You will not believe the advanced features are selling on such a low price tag. They have domain transfer service using which you can transfer the domain from another registrar to NameCheap.

So try their service for about 2 weeks. And get your money back if you are not satisfied. They will not ask you to link your cards. Hence no automatic withdrawals.

Namecheap black friday offers are the most craziest offers. I myself will grab many of the deals offered  by namecheap this black friday. I will not recommend you NAMECHEAP because Namecheap does not require any recommendation because they are giving alluring offers.

Go and grab Namecheap black friday deals.

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