#MyTrickSchool 2015 Full Income Report & Traffic Report

2015 has passed and its finally time for my favorite post. The monthly income report.

But this time I’m not going to publish any monthly income report. In this post I’m going to show you last year full income report and traffic report as well as what I learn in 2015.

2015 full traffic reports –

In 2015 mytrickschool got 39,096 pageviews from 34,178 unique visitors.

This stats shows many things to be improve –

  1. As per unique visitors, no of pageviews should be more than 50,000
  2. Bounce rate almost 82%, which is too high. We should low down blog bounce rate in between 70-75%.

Good thing is – 

  1. Average time on page is excellent.
  2. Almost throughout 2015 we got almost same no. of pageview in every month. ( No sudden drop or growth happened).

Traffic Sources –

Google Analytics

Traffic sources stats are the one thing which make me too happy. Because I’m able to pull out regular basis organic traffic from google throughout the year.

Things to be improves is –

  1. Referral traffic and social traffic [In a year only social traffic is the most wrost thing]
  2. Keep eyes on direct traffic.

Good thing is –

  1. Organic traffic [ Almost 70% of total traffic sources]

Social stats –

  • Facebook like – 306
  • Twitter followers- 1002
  • Pinterest Follower – 392

Now it’s time to show 2015 full income report –

Income –

  1. WordPress Themes – $251.7 [ Selling theme providers are – Mythemeshop, genesis, Theme-junkie, themify, thrive themes]
  2. WordPress hosting – $1270 [ Selling hosting providers – siteground, hostgator, wpengine, a2hosting, Dreamhost]
  3. SEO Tools + Plugins – $3604 [ tools are – long tail pro, seo powersuite, kontent machine, revive old post pro]
  4. Advertising – $98 [ Ad networks are – google adsense, infolinks, bidvertiser, revenuehits]

Total earning – $5223.7

Expenses –

  • Genesis – $99.5
  • Theme Junkie – $49
  • Mythemeshop – $78
  • Thrive Themes – $147
  • Videomakerfx – $87
  • Long tail pro – $47
  • For 2 Secret niche site – $570 [I will reveal this later in 2016]
  • Hostgator hosting – $107
  • SEO powersuite – $299
  • Ninja Pop up + Widget – $32
  • Getresponse – $30 [ In november I move to getresponse, that why only 2 months price tag]

Total Expense – $1545.5

Total Profit – $3678.2

Lessons I learn in 2015 –

  1. Blog design and blog loading time matter a lot in conversion.
  2. Many marketers say email marketing is dead, But from my experience I can say email marketing is still better option to generate revenue without google.
  3. Lightbox conversion is always 20 time higher than other widget.
  4. Sharing other’s content is the best way to get share you content and get referral traffic.
  5. Blog commenting and guest post are the backbone of backlinks.
  6. Got I new way to increase sale without having google rank .
  7. Affiliate marketing is far better than advertising.
  8. To earn money no need to bring havoc no. of traffic. Just keep eyes on organic traffic.
  9. Bing traffic converts better than google organic traffic
  10. Niche website is far better than event blog.

Now its 2016. Its time to learn many more new things.

Many new objectives are set for this year (2016)-

  1. Getting 10,000  pageviews per month.
  2. At the year ending getting at least 5000 subscriber
  3. Increase referral traffic
  4. 1-2 guest post per month
  5. Reach next milestone in income.

Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestion, question feel free to leave them below.

I will answer all as usual.

Thanks again.


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