Mochahost Black Friday

MochaHost Black Friday sale

Searching for a Mochahost Black friday coupon? Then you are in right place. In this post I’m going to share several no. of mocha host black friday coupons, that might help you to save some bucks in this black friday month.

MochaHost Black Friday Sale 2020

Mochahost Black Friday

Best Black Friday Hosting Deals

Features of MochaHost

Despite the not-well-acclaimed past service, MochHost has got a broad range of features combined with pretty good service today. Let’s have a look at it now.

#1. Free Domains

Their name proclaims about the hosting business only. But MochaHost is active on domain field as well. You can grab either of the top level domain extensions from them.

One of the remarkable advantages of MochaHost is it offers free domain to all their new hosting clients (not for the basic plan, though). So, you will not have to shed an extra $10+ to grab your favorite URL.

#2. Free Email Marketing

This is one feature you can’t find on all hosting providers. MochaHost gives you free access to their in-house email marketing software to reap benefits from the list.

The service is free up to 2000 subscribers, and you can send a maximum of 12000 emails a month. If your email list is large, you need to pay a dime to manage additional subscribers.

The interface includes a lot of useful stuff like email tracking, integration, unsubscribers information, etc.

#3. Affordable

Affordability is at its best with MochaHost. The basic plan costs you less than $2 per month and the dedicated WP hosting starts from $2.48.

The cheapness is evident on all of their services no matter which one you choose. Domain privacy protection can be bought only for $6.

#4. Free Themes and Plugins

Wake up! Read the subhead again. Yeah, you will get 1000s of free WP themes and plugins (stated by the company). So, you may not have to download expensive third-party themes and plugins to beautify and functionalize your blog.

#5. Free SSL Certificate

You know what? Google has started taking https as a measure of reliability and thus a ranking factor. That’s why MochaHost provides you with a free shared SSL certificate with every shared hosting plan.

If you purchase the highest plan, you will get 256 bits dedicated SSL.

#6. Free $55 Adwords Credit

The marketing field has grown exponentially that even ordinary marketers started taking benefits of paid tools. Adwords is one of the popular paid marketing methods to attract eyeballs.

Mocha Host gives you free $55 Adwords credits to power up your online business and fill your bank account.

Wrapping Up

I know you will get some negative reviews on top when you search for this site. But they provide you 180 days risk-free period. About six months!!

So, you can test their service by buying a cheap plan for this period. You will get the money back if you request within the given period.

MochaHost introduces exclusive discounts at times as well. So, you can decrease the price of their service using the same.

Have you ever used MochaHost? Share your experience below.

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