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Best Job Board Themes for WordPress Users 2017

Hello there, if you are about to make that extremely useful and competitive job search site on wordpress, then honestly you do not need to take any amount of pressure.

“How can you even say that!!?” you might be thinking loudly after reading that, “there are so many coding works, tests, designing works, tests and integration works and some more testing…how can you just –“

Wait –wait –wait –

That is why we have all those extremely useful job board themes available for wordpress users that can do all that within minutes of installation.

And here we present you some of the few best you should definitely try your hands at….

Best Job Board Themes For WordPress 2017

JobSeek – Job Board WordPress Theme

job board theme 1


Well themeforest guys are back and it seems they are the only big ones, but anyway.

So this premium job board theme is available to you at 59USD and boy is it great!

This one is a very responsive theme that is pretty comprehensive as well, plus easy to use and install and neck deep in features.

Jobseek is pretty flexible job board theme which is very handy and it also has two different modes for demo. Which help you create the dream job site like you always wanted to make, in minutes!

The demo modes are made upon the popular WP Job Manager WordPress plugin but the advanced demo mode uses WP Job Manager’s commercial upgrades that allow your users to do a lot more than just browsing and applying for jobs!

Your users are pretty free to manage all their information and resumes online, setting deadlines for applications, creating alerts for any particular job offerings and more.

Using Jobseek allows employers to post jobs the front ends of the page. The extended information related to the job like its location and description will also be included.

And the possible jobs seekers can apply for their opportunities by writing to a provided email address by the employers.

Easily preview posts before publishing them as well!

The paid listing is powered on by the efficient WooCommerce plugin which without making the client hassle up with the codes, sets up their site easily.

Bookmarking function is also available along with a customer review and comments display.



Another one from the themeforest people, this premium job board theme is available to you for 54USD.

Now, JobBoard is one very pretty efficient and powerful job related theme for WP, created with Bootstrap it is totally responsive and is a modern design.

To create whatever you can wish to create a perfect job board site on your WP venture, this premium theme has got every available tool in its utility belt.

However if you are to create a local job marketplace, then this is one great theme for you to select.

JobBoard helps users to create an online website for listing opportunities for employments and employment marketplace, with its services mimicking to websites like and Odesk!

The very smooth mobile responsive design and an advanced search facility tell about its user friendliness factor.

People will love your sight since they will never fall short of finding the right job opportunities and the right contractors.

Users can specifically filter their job search by contract type, experience amount and salary by using sliders.

Custom forms are used to register, apply and post jobs instead of WordPress supported ones. This goes on to create some nice user experience for anyone using your site.

You can even charge users for a little fee if you wish to generate some income with your site, and since JobBoard integrates with PayPal – payment collections are never a problem with this theme.



Developed by themeforest as well and available at 59USD, this one is very easy to use and still pretty powerful job board theme for WordPress.

However this theme also allows its users to setup it as a personal resume or function as a company profile website!

WPJobus has front-end submission forms, which makes it easier for others to use your site. With it users can easily login, register, manage their employee or employer profile ids all without switching to the WordPress backend to add or edit anything.

The theme has some page templates for you to use such as contact us, about us and pricing pages, which as you can see takes off a whole lot of troubles off of your shoulders to start with!

The theme does not rely on any other third party plugin and thus uses all its functionality from itself, however this theme does uses the premium LayerSlider plugin.

With this you can have some really attractive and attention inducing content and image sliders plus saving 15 bucks in the process!

You also have some really neat monetization features too like payment acceptances via Stripe for publishing any featured job listing, resumes or company profile.

Now honestly tell how this is not your “all in one” dream theme for any job board theme need.



Well finally, a theme from somebody else other than those almighty themeforest blokes.

So this one is from AppThemes and is available to you at 69USD for standard version and 199USD for club version.

It has everything you wanted to have in your own job search site just like those mighty big Odesk.

Or maybe just create a niche resource that helps freelancers come in touch with new clients.

Create profiles, or post jobs, browse and apply in listings, HireBee also has a project bid feature which makes it a very easy task for your employers to select a compatible freelancer.

Everything is managed and maintained through your website smoothly – sharing uploads via file sharing, financial transactions, project information archive etc.

All the dashboard pages as well as member area pages have a common appearance with the front end of the website. Which helps to create a consistent and unified look of your site!

The monetizing department has a few options for you to garner charges for your services like charging freelancers for placing a proposal to a job listing etc.

You have five color schemes to select your design from or customize a brand new color that matches your brand!



This one is from the ever present themeforest guys as well, yes they are back again and this theme is available to you at 59USD.

This is another very powerful theme for your job related WP website which is free from any third party plugin for any of its features.

Everything you ever needed to create a powerful job site is deeply coded in this theme from themeforest. Each and every tool in this theme is made from scratch which makes it a very efficient all in one theme pack for anyone trying to build his/her online employment marketplace.

For both the visitors and administrators the theme is very easy to use since the theme uses front end submission forms all the way through.

This makes for a very simple resume submission and job listing features.

Now this theme is not only highly responsive but is also integrated with Google Maps that shows a very handy job availability through a real time map display!

JobMonster also has two configurations for home page as well as a support for the free ecommerce plugin WooCommerce plugin.

Thus you receive very easy and comfortable array of options for your monetizing needs.

JobMonster is jam packed with employment related features and many other important and handy tools like the premium Visual Composer plugin which will help your website to go online as smooth and attractive as possible.



Pricerr is a readymade solution for your job board theme related queries.

Developed by sitemile this theme is available to you at 69USD.

Once installed your visitors can directly start to apply or post their job listings.

It is just like Fiverr, it makes you free and allows your users to create any kind of job listing that they want to create.

While you can focus on its attractiveness or strengthen its any particular niche, however you want to further sharpen up your site.

With Pricerr you have to just sit back and let your visitors handle all the work, and easily too,.

Your visitors can register themselves up, create and maintain their own listings and then decide for themselves whose services they want for their works.

The theme shall also take care for all the financial transactions by itself since it only distributes funds once a job is marked as completed.

Pricerr supports many transaction gateways, services like PayPal and Moneybookers are supported right outta the box. With Bitcoin transactions possible as well!

Pricerr is truly an all in one job board theme that allows its administrative individuals the much needed free time to focus on other important things by being a truly competent secretary of sorts!



Ah a simple name, my weakness, it’s another great design from sitemile and it is available for you at 69USD as well.

Project is really helpful when you are trying to make an online place where any service provider and those who want some outsourcing can form a relationship and start to build a project together.

It depends on how you will design the bidding system for projects using sitemile – list and bid, hire out each other for small tasks or just publish their skills/demands and then wait for an interesting offer to come.

Project has every feature imaginable for a powerful job board WP site. Without any reliability of the hustle and bustle of those third party plugins, but instead each and every component of your site – from listing acceptances, dealing with the feedback of users to handling payments and other such functions – all have been built within the theme which have seamless integration with one another.

Some of the main focusing features of this job board theme are – supportiveness for more than one payment gateways, Zip and postal code based filter search for any of the available offline job listings, a very highly responsive design that will fill you with pride and an escrow service as well… for safely transacting the financial distributions.

If you were a little doubtful if these themes would come as far as your hopes are for a very powerful job site on WP, then please, let go of all your doubts and try Project today!



From appthemes marketplace comes Jobsapp available for at only 49USD.

This is a very responsive job board theme that allows users to check their vacancies on any device in real time on the go, ensuring for a ever present opportunity to grab a nice one!

This is actually a “child theme” for another very popular theme called “Jobroller” from appthemes as well.

It allows you to have every feature of that latter theme in your Jobsapp theme but with a pretty different look for your website.

Jobsapp has six color schemes pre set in it that allow you to instantly switch the looks of your website, other elements of this them are also customizable.

All these customizing features give you a very personalized site.

And that too without any code editing!

Any job listing can be placed with a whole bunch of its information along like location which in turn allows for a very easy filtered search for your job seeking users!

The Jobsapp theme has some neat monetizing features as well, it allows you to advertise on your website since it comes with a selection of ad spots to display some nice looking and effectively placed ads.

You can even earn money from online net through your job boarding site by cutting a small fee from your users who list up their vacancies.

Payments are collectable by using PayPal which is as you can see is very easy for anyone to use.

Jobsapp comes along with a premium Revolution Slider plugin which makes this theme not only slick but a feature-bundled theme package!

So these were some of the choicest of the job board themes for your WP site, hope it helped you sort out your priorities.

Thank you.