integrate cloudflare on wordpress

How To Integrate Cloudflare CDN on WordPress

Now website speed not only important for user experience but also important for Google SERP ranking. Google clearly said, fast loading blogs will get extra preference on search engine result page ranking. So having fast loading website is always good. To increase blog load time (actually decrease) we try many techniques like- setting up a WordPress caching plugin, use premium theme, use image compressor etc. etc. All of these methods integrating blog with CDN system is another way you can boost blog loading speed by several percentage.

integrate cloudflare on wordpress

 What is CDN and how it works?

CDN stands for content delivery network which cache your blog static files (ex. Js file, css file, image file) and distribute those files all geographically data centers. It will speed up your blog load time and decrease your web hosting server usage. It also creates a security layer which prevents spammers and attackers to access your site. In the web numbers of CDN service provider available cloudflare is one of them. Most amazing part is you can use cloudflare CDN service basic plan at free of cost.

How to integrate cloudflare CDN on WordPress –

Now some webhosting provider like hostgator, bluehost have built-in cloudflare integration button in their cPanel. If your blog is hosting on one of these web hosting provider you can setup cloud flare CDN quickly. Open cPanel, click on cloudflare button. In next page add your email ID create your cloudflare account and activate cloudflare CDN button.

When cloudflare logo shows orange color that means you have been successfully activated cloudflare CDN and when it shows grey color that means cloudflare is not activated.

Integrate cloudflare CDN on WordPress manually (Recommended method)

First of all. Create a cloudflare account. Add your website address in this blank field as I shown in below image.

Then click on add website button. It will take 60 seconds scanning time.

 Then click on continue setup button.

Now choose your plan. Cloud flare offer 3 types CDN service – 1. Free 2. Pro 3. Business. Choose Free plan if you want to use it at free of cost. Then choose performance type and security type and then click on continue button.

Then cloud flare will provide two new name servers for your domain name. Change your domain name servers with these cloud flare name servers and click I’ve updates my name servers.


It’s done.

Now let me know are you using cloud flare CDN service or not? is cloud flare increase your blog page speed or not ?

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