How To solve Err_internet_disconnected Error Step By Step 2018

Hey Readers,Today i am going to talk about the Err_internet_disconnected error and how to solve it .We’ll also cover here err_internet_disconnected in mac as well as in windows,android,iPhone and mac book. This Post is one stop for your solution for this error on you any device.



Generally, what this error do? this error hinders all your works which you do online,simply it wont let you browse the Internet.So don’t worry here are we to solve the problem don’t need to get frustrated every time you open your browser with this error.We are going to explain the process  very shortly and which are extremely easy to understand and will work with 2-3 steps.

This type of error can produced from various reasons that is why we are going to give several solutions which are helpful in any situation.So here comes the solution.

Whenever there is problem related to internet connection,i every time advice to everyone firstly to check the cable connection and power supply and try to reboot the modem or router whichever you use. Do check the loose connections.


err_internet_disconnected fix -Solution 1

Clear Your Browsing data and cache

Clearing your browsing data can solve this type of problems cause Sometimes the browsing data of your Google Chrome can lead to unexpected issues, including Err_internet_disconnected error. It is suggested that you clear these data in your browser. You can clear the browsing data by doing the steps below.

1.Look at right hand top corner there is 3 dots close to address bar ,click on it ,a drop down list menu will open.

2.Select More tools->clear browsing data->advance and clear data or you can open this by Using hot key Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys (on the keyboard) at the same time a dialogue box will appear as shown in image below.

3.Restart the browser and see the problem is gone now.

Extras :This solution can also help you to solve the Err_internet_disconnected  problem in Android devices ,Just Clear the data and cache of your Chrome browser or turn off any VPN Services that you are using.

If these doesn’t work i will advice you to use a different browser other than Google Chrome,the error may be the browser specific problem you can use browsers such as Mozilla’s Firefox,Opera,etc.

err_internet_disconnected fix – Solution 2

Updating Your Browser

Your Outdated browser can be also culprit for this problem and hindering your internet connection. Mozilla Firefox Opera Browser will also Work but Chrome Browser is widely and trusted Browser that is why I will advice and recommend to Use the latest chrome browser.


It is always recommended to keep updated your Chrome Browser . It is very simple to update the Chrome Browser.Updated browser always comes up with error fixes.

to update your chrome browser Go to Settings → Help → About Chrome (Update Chrome Browser)

Once you updated your Chrome Browser you’ll find that most of the problems that you have been facing before is cleared and there should be no hindrances in surfing the internet.

This Solution is best for all the device facing err_internet_disconnected in mac as well as in windows,android,iPhone and mac book.

if the above solution does not work you the below solution will work.

err_internet_disconnected fix – Solution 3

Re-Installing/Updating Your network driver 

For Re-Installing Perform This steps this will surely help you to get rid of err_internet_disconnected error.

Step 1

Click on windows key or four flagged key and search device manager and double click on it or simply you can open Run(Windows key + R) and type devmgmt.msc  click on OK to open device manager.



Step 2

Now Find Network adapter and expand in my case there Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter it may vary to you .Right Click on your Active Network Adapter and Click on Unistall.


Step 3

After Unistalling, select and right click on Active Network Adapter  then Click on  updated driver software -> Browse my computer for driver software and Click on let me pick from list of device driver on my computer.

Step 4

Select your compatible hardware and click on next.

After Updating Just restart Your PC,problem will be taken care of.

err_internet_disconnected fix – Solution 4

Remove/Disable Antivirus

Some Antiviruses can interfere between the internet connection and hinder your work ,so for just confirmation disable your antivirus and check again the internet connection if that does not work try to uninstall the Antivirus and when you get the internet connection working Properly install any other Antivirus for the Protection of PC.


You can also choose this method for solving this Problem in your iPhone/Android Devices cause  generally this type of problem is solved.

Hope Your Problem is Solved Now,visit our website for more tutorials like this and comment down below if you have another problems or how our post helped you ,we feel proud to help you out with these problems anytime.If any of the stated solution does not work so call any profession to look after the problem,there may another problem that you are facing.

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