How to share blog post automatically on social networking sites

Social networking sites are plays an important role to bring more traffic. As we know websites traffics are mainly come from search engine but in the web many websites also have which most traffic’s are came from social networking sites. Nowadays social networking sites are best weapon to viral any content and bring more traffic. That’s whys everyone one use social media widget, social sharing buttons, social commenting system and many more features to increase their blogs traffic. If you have enough number of subscriber or follower on social sites you can easily get large number of traffic by publish your blog posts on social networking sites. but it’s really a time spending work when you have to share your blog posts on social networking sites one by one.

Today I’m going to show you how to share your blogger blog posts automatically four giant social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Via twitter-feed you can access this useful feature free of cost.

Step by Step guide how to share blog post automatically on social networking sites –

Go Twitter-feed

First create an account on twitter-feed.

After signup login your Twitter-feed account.

Go Twitter-feed >> Dashboard

At the top right corner press create new feed button.

As shown below image first give your blog name then put your feed burner feed address. Press continue to step 2 button.

click image to see full view

Now in step 2 you have to connect your twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profile one by one.

click image to see full image

 How to setup Twitter account ? – In twitter option click on authenticate twitter account. It will redirect you twitter-feed to twitter  and ask you to authorize your twitter account. Now log into your twitter account and click on authorize app. Now it will redirect you back to twitter-feed. Click on create service Congratulations! Now you successfully add your twitter account with twitter-feed to automatically share your blog post.

how to setup face book account ? – same process  login your Facebook account. Select your preferred fan page where you want to share your blog post automatically. click on create service button.

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how to setup LinkedIn account ? – Same process login your LinkedIn page to share your blog post automatically on LinkedIn.

There have another two features you can share your blog post automatically on LinkedIn company page and page.

Ohhh… I forgot most important social networking site Google+. But in twitter-feed there have no feature to share your blog posts on Google+. Don’t worry friend exactly we don’t need it, because by default blogger have inbuilt automatically Google+ sharing feature. In single click we can share our blog post directly on Google+.

That’s all about how to share blog post automatically on social networking sites. If you have any query; feel free leave a comment below. Happy blogging 🙂

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