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How To Setup Custom Domain In Blogger with Bigrock

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Many master pieces from Google blogger is one of them. Blogger is a free blog publishing tool. Where any can share their knowledge with the world by starting a blog at free of cost. In blogger blog anyone can create their own blog in two or three steps.

If you didn’t know how to create a blogspot blog. Then follow below steps.

  • To create a free BlogSpot blog first go and login with your gmail account.
  • Then click on “New Blog
  • Then enter your blog title, choose a domain name, choose a template and press the create blog button.
  • It’s done. It’s not easy.
  • Now your blog is ready you can post your topic through its post section.

But after publishing your blog your blog domain looks like Not because you are using a sub domain of You can use this sub domain [] for lifetime without any problem. But if you want to use a custom domain like-,,, etc. then you have to manually setup your domain on that blogger blog. Today In this post I’m going to show you how to setup custom domain name in blogger.

Setup Custom Domain Name In Blogger

First buy a prefect domain name. To buy a perfect domain name check this 12 rules to choose a prefect domain.  To get domain name at low price try this domain name provider Ex-,, etc. I recommended check all of them compare their features and price and then buy. Normally A .com extension domain name will cost around 1-15$ /year.

In this tutorial I choose Bigrock as a domain name provider. You can choose any other provider. All Other domain name provider setup process is almost same.

Full Process –

First login into your blogger account.

Then go to setting option.

Now scroll down, you will see publishing option with your blog address.

Just below your blog address click on add a third party custom domain.

Now put your new domain name with www. Such as

Now you will see an error like this ”We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.Error 12”

Now According to image download your DNS setting file.

Setup custom domain in blogger

Now open your domain name provider dashboard  in new tab. Then go to the domain name management then go-

DNS management >> Manage DNS


It will popup a new window–

click on A Record >> Add A Record option.


Now open your downloaded DNS setting file and add only destination IPv4 address accordingly above image and leave host name blank.

Same process add this 4  records –

Now open CNAME record and add a new CNAME record, you will see a form that starts with host name. Now again open your DNS setting file

Same processes add another CNAME Record which will provided in DNS file.


Now reload your blogger blog account. Again add your domain name in blog address section with www. I think if you do all above process correctly as I mention, you will see your custom domain successfully added in blogger. Just click redirect option then OK.

If after doing all above process you get same error. Then give some time for DNS propagation. DNS propagation sometimes takes 24-48 hours. But normally within few minutes it works. [Its totally depend on domain name provider]

Here is the video version of the above step. Hope this will help you more.

Thanks For Reading. Happy Blogging!

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