how to remove locked widget in blogger

Learn how to remove locked widget in blogger. Locked widget mean you can’t remove those widget via blog layout page. Normally blog attribution widget is locked by default. Sometime when we load any new template their also have some lock widget as featured posts, subscriber box many more. Removing locked widget not too difficult for Those who have know web designing but for newbie it can be difficult. Read this tutorial how to remove locked widget in blogger.

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I show here how to locked or unlock any widget in blogger. I take my blog attribution widget which is normally locked. My blog attribution widget code is –

<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>

In blue color highlighted scripts show whether widget is locked or unlock. If I change this code attribute true to false. It will unlock and I can remove this widget easily.

How to  you do –

Log into your blogger account >> dashboard >> template >> Edit HTML



Now click Jump widget option and directly go attribution widget section. Now change your widget code as I show above; replace true to false and save template. Now go layout >> attribution widget, you will see remove button show in widget you can easily remove it.

How to find HTML/JavaScript widget in HTML Editor ?

Similarly in jump widget option you will see many widget options as HTML 1, HTML 2, HTML 3 and much more.  If you want unlock any particular HTML/java script you have to find exact widget ID. To find exact widget go layout >> Open widget [ which you want to unlock]. See below image how to find your widget ID

Red mark boxed show your widget Id

Now again go template >> Edit HTML >> jump Widget >> Go your prefer widget  ID

Now change lock attribute true to false and remove it from blogger layout. that’s done!

I hope this tutorial help you easily remove locked widget from blogger. Please share this post on social networking site to help others. While doing this process if you face any problem leave a comment below. Happy Blogging 🙂

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