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How to remove indexed tags and categories from Google

Why you should remove indexed tags and categories from Google search .

When I start my blog I also unknown about this problem. After one month blogging when I check index history in google search result [site:] I was shocked after seeing index result. Googlebot index my all tags and categories and in search result.  I post only ten to twelve articles but in search result there was two hundred posts indexed. That’s mean per one post there was ten post in search history.

Check your blog index history if categories and tags are indexed then as fast as quick remove all categories, tags links from search engine result. Because if labels, tags, author, archives and categories are shows in Google search engine result you may have to face google penalties.

Other problems – 

  • First your website SEO becomes poor.
  • Your website wouldn’t get good page rank.
  • Mainly you are in content duplicating issue because google consider all these types of pages as duplicate content.
  • Ultimately your website will be stuck by google panda or penguin.

How to remove indexed category, tags from Google search engine.

First view your all index history in search result till last page. [Site:] .Now markup all tags, categories, archives link are indexed in search result. Your category and tags link should be in this formats:


Now go your Google webmaster tools, as image shown below, Go Google Index >> Remove URLs

New removal requests

Create a new removal request, now enter your link as I shown in image.

remove tag links from search result

Now you see your URL with three reasons.

  • Remove page from search result and cache
  • Remove page from cache only
  • Remove directory

Choose your option and submit request. Now all your requested tags will be automatically remove from search result within 24-48 hours. Do similar process to remove other categories. After some days check your website search engine index status. If again you see all tags and categories in search result, just check the spelling which you entered in webmaster removal request or wait for sometime.

How to add no-index on WordPress category, tags for further indexing

Through Robots.txt – 

using robots.txt you can easily add no-index parameter for categories and tags. Just add below two line into your robots.txt. To edit robots.txt use WP Robots txt plugin.

Disallow: /tag/
Disallow: /category/

Through Plug-in – 

Use plug in for no-indexing. I use WordPress SEO by Yoast, it’s really first and easy. Install plugin then just tick mark the category, tags [no-index]

Hope this tutorial help you to de-indexing tags and categories from search result. If you have any query leave a comment below.

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