How to Improve your website speed using plugins

Word Press is the best and widely used platform for bloggers. In my previous post I show some useful methods how to improve your website speed manually. Now today I am going to show how to improve your website speed using plug-ins. Here I listed 10 useful word press plug-ins to improve your word press website page speed performance.


#W3 Total Cache – w3 total cache plug-in is the best and most used word press cache plug-in. It has many advance option as browser cache, object cache, page cache, minify, CDN (Content Delivery network) and many more. No doubt W3 total cache plug-in is the best solution to boost word press speed.

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#WP Super Cache – Another superb word press cache plug-in similar to w3 total cache plug-in. very easy to set up it will start work within one minute. This plug-in generates static html files from your dynamic Word Press blog. 99% of your visitors will be served static html files. It will definitely increase your website page speed and performance.

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#WP HTTP compression – This plug-in compress your blog pages in g-zip format. It will reduce your website page size 60-80%; which turn your website page speed 3-4 times faster. This plug-in won’t work with wp super cache.

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#JsDelivr word press CDN – JsDelivr is a free public CDN where JavaScript developers can host their files for free. With this plug-in you can automatically integrate their super fast CDN directly in your website. It includes number of benefits it will speed up your website, cuts bandwidth usage and offload the servers from extra request.

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#Cloud flare – cloud flare is a service that makes websites load faster and protect sites from online spammers and hackers. This plug-in ensure that you are properly connected with cloud flare service. It corrects IP Address information for comments posted to your site and keeps protected from spammers.

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#BJ lazy Load – BJ lazy load makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth. This plug-in loads all images, post thumbnail, gravatar images and content iframes as it gets close to enter the browser window when the visitor scrolls the page.

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#Wp minify – generally JS and CSS files take long times to load. This plug-in uses minify engine to combine and compress JavaScript and CSS file to improve page load time and performance.

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#Wp – this plug-in reduce your websites image file size and improve your blog page speed. Every image you add in your post and pages will automatically run through . To smash previously uploaded images go media library bulk This plug-in does not work with CDN service as cloudflare, amazon s3, maxcdn etc.

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#EWWW Image optimizer – pretty similar with wp plug-in; it also reduce image size and improve blog load time. EWWW Image Optimizer uses lossless optimization techniques, so your image quality will be exactly the same before and after the optimization.

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#P3 (plug-in performance profiler) – If your website page speed slow down use this p3 plug-in to see which plug-ins are slowing down your website. It will scan your websites all plug-ins load times and create a performance report. Using performance report you can easily measure out which plug-in causing slow down your website.

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If I missed any of your favorites, please let me know in comment. Have a nice day 🙂

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  1. Autoptimize Plugin Also use for

    1. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

    2. Leverage browser caching

    3. Minify CSS

    4. Minify JavaScript

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