how to get more twitter follower

(Genuine Guide) How To Get More Twitter Followers

how to get more twitter follower

Want to get huge number of twitter followers ?

Silly question. Why not everyone wants.

Today I’m going to revel How to get more twitter followers quickly. Twitter is the best social media tool for me, because my blog most of sales are come from twitter traffic. So I don’t take it lightly and hope you also getting regular traffic from this social network site. If you take it lightly, you might miss some valuable reader as well as money. Now the question is how to do it?

In twitter you may found thousands tweets whose are demand that they can bring your twitter account thousands of follower in 1-2 days. As per my own experience most of these tweets are fake, some of them are only genuine. Even some of them give you huge number of dead twitter followers. Dead twitter follower means whose are now not using twitter. This types followers just heavy your twitter follower list, not boost your product marketing. So this is not a smart process.

So, main question is, what to do to get genuine followers ?

Check this post. Here I enlist some best (ofcourse FREE) methods on How to get more twitter followers quickly.

How to get more twitter followers Tips-

#1 first of all Write a Sweet Bio.– Write about you, Your bio. should not be too complicated or too loose style and add your website address. Just think if people doesn’t know about you so why they follow you? First tell them who you are?

#2 don’t be choosy to follower others – Don’t be too choosy. Follow your co-worker first, then follow some big brands whose are relevant to your blog niche. Don’t follow too many people in one day, twitter may banned you for spam activity. So follow limited person everyday.

 #3 after follow doesn’t forget them – Do in twitter as you done in face book. Interact with other people regularly; do share your thoughts and ideas with others. After your regular interaction they will surely re-tweet your posts. More re-tweet means more traffic and more followers.

#4 Join # (Hash tag) Battle – Now everyone use hash tags in his/her every tweet. Are you did this? 😛 NO. Do this from your next tweet. If there have any trending hash tag which related your blog niche use that first.

#5 Write Attractive titles – In twitter you can’t write long post to tell other how well your posts are. You have to do all this in 140 characters. So don’t waste a single letter, do it smartly.

#6 Content is King – Attractive title can’t help you too much if your content is shit. So keep focus on your blog content. Write useful and detailed post.

#7 Tweet timing – According to famous blogger Neil Patel most people are on Twitter during 5 p.m. EST. So tweet on that time for more retweet.

#8 Use Buffer App– Use Buffer App to schedule your twitter tweets. Scheduling tweets is the best way to get time to time tweet on twitter without being online.

#9 Retweet relevant tweet – Not only share your blog posts on twitter but also do share other tweets. It will be more helpful if your retweet tweet is relevant to your blog niche. It will definitely increase your followers. Don’t retweet too many tweets back to back, always give some time gap.

#10 Comment on other tweets – Similarly comment on other tweets which relevant with your niche.

#11 Say Thanks – If someone share your tweet, give a sweet reply with love that you appreciate his/her retweet. It will encourage him/her to retweet on next time.

#13 Tell other to retweet your tweet  – Request your co-worker to retweet your tweets. Every shares helps.  Sometime a small word inside tweet help to get more retweets. Use word like ‘plz retweet

#14 Do share most share tweet again and again – repeatedly share your popular post on twitter again and again to get more exposure.

#15 Add Follow Button/badge in your blog – Add a twitter follow button/badge in your blog. It’s the best way to get your blog readers as a follower. Do add this button most clicked place for more conversion.

#16 Embed tweet – Embed your tweets inside your blog posts. Sometime this embedded tweet boxes are bring more share than any normal social sharing button. It’s work like a CTA button. So don’t hesitate to use it inside blog.

#17 Use some tools – In the web hundred of twitter tools available, using those you can manage our follower list, trending keyword, most engage follower, most retweet posts etc. easily. Here I list some of them –, followerwonk, tweriod etc.

#18 Use Just-retweet or easy-retweet – use re-tweet service to get more and more tweet. In these types tools you can promote your tweets in basis of credits. To earn credit you have to share other post or spend money. Even using it you can promote your twitter page to get more followers.

#19 Use Re tweet plug-in – You are in word press 🙂 But not using any re-tweet plug-in. In word press using plug-ins we can do almost anything. So why miss out any opportunity. Immediately Load revive old post retweet plug-in; setup your twitter account and setup time difference between tweet and see the magic. 😛

Above mention all process not only helps you to increase your twitter followers but also help you to bring more traffic on your blog. Don’t think about number of followers think about how many times your posts are retweet.

Over to you :

If you use any other method or tool to increase your follower list, do share your tactics in comment section. I wanna love to learn something new from you?

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook, twitter and Google+. Every share help me a lot 🙂 🙂

8 thoughts on “(Genuine Guide) How To Get More Twitter Followers”

  1. Hello MD Hamim,

    such a informative article you share with us but one thing i would like to ask that is we do not get paid twitter followers like Facebook, as we can run advertisement on Facebook, can we do not do with twitter.

    Thanks & Regards
    Kunal SIngh
    waiting for your reply……

    1. Hi Kunal,
      Why Not ? We can run advertise like Facebook. You can try their advertising program for more follower.
      In this post I mention don’t use those advertising method, whose are offering instant likes.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  2. Hi,
    Mr. Hamim Mondal thanks to you for sharing this useful and effective post with us. In present time twitter’s popularity is so high ; so It’s really an amazing post for us to get more Twitter followers in proper way .
    Thank you again and hope you will share this types of supportive post with us in next.

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