How to create/add custom favicon in your blog

What is favicon ?

In simple meaning a website icon.

How to Crate favicon online or offline –

A blog which is full of unique content and good design but don’t have any favicon. It seems blog does not fulfill all criteria. That’s why I recommended every blog or website must have a unique favicon icon.  Favicon not only describe your blog uniqueness but also present a short description about blog. You can create your website/blog unique favicon direct online; there are many website available where you can create or download favicon for free. Or you can use computer software [such as Photoshop or any other software] to create favicon .

Some rules before create or add your favicon into your blog–

  • .png, .jpeg, .gif, .ico, animation gifs format image can use in favicon.
  • Image size should be 16px * 16px or 32px * 32px means only square image accepted in favicon.
  • Image size should not cross 100 kb size.

How to add favicon in blogger

You can add your own favicon into blogger two way either go to favicon and unload it or add some html script into your blogger template.

First Process –

Login into your blogger account >> Dashboard >> layout >> Favicon

How to add favicon screenshot
How to add favicon screenshot

After click on favicon it will pop up a new window. Now Browse add your image and Save.  Now you successfully added your own favicon into your blog.

Second Process –

Log in blogger account >> Dashboard >> Template >> Edit Template, click on it.

Now using CTRL + F Search this tag


Now paste below code just before above code.

<link href=”your favicon links goes here” rel=”icon” type=”image/gif”/>

Here you can upload your favicon other image or favicon hosting for free [tinyurl, iconj] and get the link and replace this link with this line[your favicon links goes here] .  Or added image into your blogger posts get link replace your link with this line [your favicon links goes here]. Now check your blog. I think it will be sucessfully added in your blog.

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