How to Beat competitors With Schema, Tables and Structure Data ?

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Yes, If you have been wondering a way to actually overtake your competitors and steal the traffic from organic searches, I have come up with a nice trick to do so. It is highly competitive these days to successfully rank your website on the first page for a keyword difficulty more than 40. But for the keywords you are already ranking on the first page and still struggling to get more traffic, what about them?

More than 53% users click the first search result as they believe Google has brought the best resource for them. And if you rank on the second or third position, it has a less potential than the website ranking on the first position.

Well, what if I say that there is a way you can hack that rank easily and steal a BIG amount of search traffic to your website or blog?

Interesting? Right?

Just Structure your Posts

featured listing
Just like this. You must be thinking how to do this?

Here the importance of HTML markup comes into existence. This kind of snippet is not possible from manual actions. However, you can structure your web page in such a way that Google bot can show it.

⦁ Use proper headings
⦁ Images with ALT tags
⦁ Hierarchy of headings

rank not 1

The above picture shows that one of my pages is ranking on the first page for a keyword somewhere on 5th position but this kind of snippet helps me steal most of the traffic from Google.

You can structure content in such a way that is easy for Google bot to understand and consider it the perfect choice for that featured snippet.



Using Tables to Get Rich Snippets

table snippet

Now this one also helps me attracting more visits using tables in my content. Google does the rest.

Why use Tables?

Tables make it easy to understand things. When you are looking to explain something insightful, statistical or structured, you may need the help of tables. Just like my teachers used to teach in the classroom on the whiteboard using tables.

1. It simplify the information
2. Not just Google, Users also love data
3. When a person is not willing to read the monotonous article anymore, He may be interested to read insights.
4. My mind is powerful enough to understand through tables rather than paragraphs.
5. To grab that kind of snippet in SERP?

How to add tables easily

The BIG problem with adding tables in your content is – Responsiveness. And you can overcome this issue by using Easy Tables WordPress Plugin which lets you add tables in your content without coding. Just shortcodes and done.

There are multiple styles of tables you can choose from. Furthermore, I could add styling attributes like column align, column width and table title.

Star Ratings for your Reviews

I hardly have seen a Review post ranking at first position on google without having markup. While you may find it a hassle to do it with code, it is easier to do with Schema Rating WordPress Plugins. I personally am using SchemaNinja to successfully implement the star ratings in my reviews. It does not only help me make more money by adding affiliate links on the button but also let me add those stars in Google SERPs.

Here is how it looks on the website and star rating on Google is like a guarantee after using this plugin.

I have seen some people not getting those stars in SERP even after trying every possible way to get that. I recommend them use this plugin once.

Final Words

I have added most of my tricks to hack the search traffic and growth of my blog. Adding tables can not only help you rank higher but also help your readers understand the data listed on your website.

About Author – Vashishtha Kapoor is a content marketer and an active blogger from Kanpur India. He is an aspiring blogger who blogs about WordPress Themes, plugins and customization on his blog.