How to backup/restore all blog posts from blogger

This tips only for newbie’s who are new in blogger interface and don’t know how to backup / restore all blog posts?  Before Going to the post I clear one question, Why Backup all blog post?

Why backup all blog posts?

Many problems arise on blogger which can delete your blog. I try to listed those reasons below-

  1. Blogger is a free tool where you can host your blog for free. In blogger policy they said they have permission delete any blog without any notification. In general Google never delete any blog without any notification. If you violate any policy they will delete it.
  2. If you publishing any content which prohibited Google content policy. Prohibited content means posting illegal content or posting copyright videos, songs, movies, games link to download. After sometime Google will definitely delete this type of blogs.
  3. Somehow or accidently you delete some of your old blog posts. But now want to get back those posts.
  4. Google can delete your blog for spam comment.  If you create spam comment on other blog to get back link, Google will delete your blog. So use your comment section carefully or read Google comment policy.

These four causes can delete your blog. That’s why I recommended everyone take backup you all blog posts at least two time in a week.

How to backup all blog posts?

Its an easy and simple process.

Login blogger Dashboard >> Setting >> Other >> Export Blog.

Click on that it will pop up a layer then download.

After sometimes your all blog posts will backup on your hard drive. Your backup file will be in .xml format.

How to restore all blog posts?

In similar process

Login blogger Dashboard >> Setting >> Other >> Import Blog.


Click on that it will pop up a layer. Browse add your .xml format file. Now put tick mark if you want to publish all imported post automatically. Done!

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