How to add youtube subscriber widget in blogger

In my previous post I share how to add face book like box or like button widget for blogger. Today I am going to share how to add YouTube subscriber widget for blogger.  Many blogger have own YouTube channel with own unique video. YouTube is another way expresses your blog quality and usefulness. If your blog have own channel in YouTube, you can add YouTube subscriber button in your blog. You have to add a small piece of code in your blog. Adding YouTube subscriber button in blogger definitely increase your YouTube subscriber and your YouTube channel viewer.

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How to add YouTube subscriber widget for blogger?

Very easy task. Go YouTube official  subscribe button plug-in page. Scroll down go configure a button.First add your channel ID. For Example my YouTube Channel link is Here mytrickschool is my user ID. After adding channel ID if you wish you can Change your theme, layout and subscriber button count.

After configure all setting. As image shown above; copy all code.

Now go your blogger account >> Dashboard >> layout >> Add Gadget

Blogger- All Blog Tricks - Layout 2014-02-23 09-40-22

It will pop up a new window; choose  HTML / JavaScript option and add copied code there. Now click Save arrangement.


Now you successfully added YouTube subscriber button box in your blogger blog. If you have any query leave a comment below.

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