Greengeeks black friday

GreenGeeks Black Friday Sale 2020 – 70% Discount!!


This black Friday 2020 get maximum discount on greekgeeks Webhosting. In this post, we are going to share greengeeks black Friday offers with custom coupon codes, as well as we are providing a short review about greengeeks Webhosting.

GreenGeeks Black Friday Sale 2020 – 70% Off

Discount – 70% OFF

Coupon Code – No. Coupon Required

Discount– 70% off + Free Domain name

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Category – Hosting

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Greengeeks black friday

Introducing GreenGeeks

It was in 2006, Trey Gardener started his web hosting triumph with GreenGeeks. Though GG doesn’t have a lot of years to boast about, their founder Gardener knows the heart of this industry as he had worked for other companies for 13 long years.

All their data centers are of high quality that you won’t raise a complaint even once. Here in this GreenGeeks review, you are going to read the exquisite features of them.

Features of GreenGeeks

All of us are keen about the spec sheet whenever we want to buy something. The feature section is the deciding factor whether to go with a service or not.

In this section, you will read the GreenGeeks hosting features.

#1. A Wide Variety of Hosting

Not all of us need shared hosting. According to the size and traffic of sites, our requirements change. Even though you need only a shared hosting now, tomorrow your resources may seem to be inadequate. That’s why GreenGeeks provide a wide variety of hosting.

Shared Hosting: As we all know, shared hosting is for new websites that hasn’t got any authority. GreenGeeks’ shared hosting costs you only 3.96 bucks a month. That means not even $50 per year.

WordPress Hosting: You will get WP optimized SSD hosting for the price of a shared plan. All the WordPress related tasks including updates, backups etc. are done by them.

VPS Hosting:- With five different plans, starting from $40 per month, you will get a high speed VPS slice to take your web property to the next level.

Reseller Hosting:- GreenGeeks allows you to resell their servers and earn a good amount. You need to purchase their reseller hosting plan for that.

Dedicated Hosting:- Dedicated servers is for those who have websites with millions daily hits. Just like any other hosting, GG shows their class with this one as well.

#2. Free Domain, Migration and Marketing Tools

You will get a free domain with GG hosting. Saving $10 is not a tiny deal, isn’t it?

If you are on any other host and want to try GreenGeeks, they will assist you for the transfer process without charging even a single penny.

As a cherry on the cake, they will give you some marketing and SEO tools as well.

#3. Unlimited SSD Space, Bandwidth, Emails and Domains

Solid State Drives are trending among the web marketers due to its blazing speed. In this hectic world, no one gives you a damn to a slow loading site. So it’s your responsibility to keep your site faster and, GG aids you in the process with their SSD servers of unlimited space.

They can withstand any sudden outburst in traffic with the unlimited bandwidth.

And, the unlimited story doesn’t end with emails and domains as well. You can create any number of email addresses and host unlimited domains under one account.

#4. 30 Days Money back Policy and 24/ 7 Support

A hosting service can’t be judged in one hour, not even in one day. You need at least 2-3 weeks to reach a verdict. That’s why GreenGeeks gives you a refund period of 30 days.

A responsive, always available customer support is inevitable especially if you are novice. And, GreenGeeks has got your back with their 24x 7 support.

Bottom Line

The specs are not over. It would have gone longer if I had explained everything.

But I believe you found the value of GreenGeeks by now. All their servers are completely in renewable power. So why don’t you show some love to the nature by giving GG a try?

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