Have you ever heard that you can make money by testing other websites.

Yes, you heard it right.

You can make money by testing others websites or apps.

Everyone loves to make money from home, website testing job is another good opportunity to make money from home.

Some of the below listed sites offers up to $90 per website testing.

Before exploring the list of all get paid to test websites first take a look on what are the requirements to do these jobs and how you can make money as a part-timer.

Get paid to watch movies online

How to get paid to Test websites

Get paid to test websites is one of the easiest jobs to make money online. All you need to have a working laptop/desktop or smartphone with an internet connection.

Most of the below-listed websites testing jobs supports both desktop and smartphone to do testing jobs. But some of them only offer apps testing, in those cases, you need a smartphone.

Things to need to start a website testing jobs –

  1. A Desktop/laptop or A android smartphone/ios Phone ( it will be great if you have both)
  2. Proper microphone connection
  3. For desktops need a webcam for video conferencing.
  4. Good internet connection.
  5. and some basic English speaking and writing.
  • Microphone is essential because most of the testing jobs need one-to-one video chat or explanation video.

what you need to do to complete a website testing job ?

Every website testing task has different requirements. You have to follow their guideline while doing any task. Some of the below-listed sites take a demo test for review purposes.

Once they approved you, then you can start take regular testing task.

For website testing, you might need to check website UX and navigations or any bug in websites or any coding issue.

sometimes they ask you to do some short task like – ” find a men’s t-shirt under $50 and describe how relevant results are, etc.”

Where in App testing tasks, you need to check website UI / UX or bug in the app or any structural issue or navigation issue.

Actually website testing is helps developers to understand website or user experience among users.

Few more things need to know –

Some website testing tasks need live one-to-one video calling. Where you need to describe all aspects while checking their website /app. in that case, you need to fluent in English as well as not to shy in the video call.

List Of Get paid to Test Websites 2021

  • UserBrain
  • User testing
  • Respondent
  • Testing Time
  • TryMyUI
  • Userlytics
  • Userfeel
  • UserZoom
  • Loop11
  • Enrollapp
  • Test.io
  • PingPong
  • Intuit
  • Ferpection
  • Usercrowd

Conclusion –

Those above-listed websites are enough to help you to make $300-$500 / monthly. Do join all the sites, and get regular website testing tasks.